Anyone wants to play together??? Ship 3

ok so I just started playing again after 6 months of not playing at all cuz I was busy so I was wondering if anyone wanted to be friends and play, I’m just level 19 and I’m not the best but like yeah, my Xbox tag is Valelejuly 🙂

I don't log that often and my RL schedule is total crapola, but you can do an arks search for Hanuke on ship 3 and send me a friend request. I'm a player long past my prime but can still help with this or that.

I’ve got an alt on ship 3 and and moving my main there next maint if you wanna hang out! I work a lot but I still find time to play and I have a week off.

Name is Tearose

I am on Ship 3 as well so if you want someone to tag along with you you can always ask for me (as I have multiple characters) and I can try to join in and help if you want or need it.

I'm always hanging out with my friend on Ship 3. I'm Anarchy Marine on both Xbox Live, and on PSO2. You'd be more than welcome to join. Just message me first, as I sometimes hide offline, as to mitigate issues with specific friends crossing paths. I may get along well with multiple types of people, but they rarely get along with each other.

@Milk Okay great I’ll add u on Xbox then, lmk when u can play 🙂

@VanillaLucia Cool what’s ur gamer tag???

@Anarchy-Marine Ok thanks what’s ur gamer tag?

@ValeleJuly said in Anyone wants to play together??? Ship 3:

@Milk Okay great I’ll add u on Xbox then, lmk when u can play 🙂

Ah I don’t own Xbox, that’s my PSO2 username. I’ll probably be on around 10pm tonight(EST) I’m doing some post-xmas cleaning today.

@ValeleJuly Mentioned that in my first post. Same as my username here, and on the game itself as well.

@Anarchy-Marine Oh shoot lol I already added u

@Milk Oh ok hopefully I’ll be online around 10 too

You can add me too. I play daily so I'm bound to catch you online at some point. In game name is Crittenz ^^ Ship 3

@Vexation Okay hopefully I can add u :/)