So,episode 4's story really IS bad eh?


Now if the story was about those two they might have had something there, because I liked the UQs, the boss designs were unique. We also got Phaleg and I kinda love her. We got some good stuff and yet I hated the story anyway.

@Milk As I said, with a little fine tuning, and redo in the bad spots, would have been a good story overall. It's just those low points drag everything down, and leave a sour taste in people's mouth. It's a shame to, because it's the one hang up people have about the overall stories.

I'd argue Aratron was also one of the better characters of EP4. Or at least, one of the more likeable ones.

@AwkwardSatori Yeah, he has a good head on his shoulders.

@Yggranya said in So,episode 4's story really IS bad eh?:

I'll just say: since the story has time travel and multiverse crap, it can't really make any sense no matter how much gibberish they put in pretending to explain it. I decided to skip it all. I wish those conversation "choices" weren't there to waste my time. To me, it's not worth my time and i wouldn't even skip through it if it didn't have SG in it. So simply skip through it to get the rewards and forget it even exists.

Ah, I see. This is your first Sci-Fi JRPG, isn't it?

Yeah, pretty much every JRPG with the Sci-Fi sub-genre kind of eventually devolves into technobabble that makes very little sense, multi-dimensional hopping, universe destroying entities, and a little bit of higher dimensional beings thrown in their for good matter.

The key thing to remember, especailly with the Phantasy Star series, is that most of that technobabble makes no sense even to people that are more versed in science fiction, and isn't really supposed to make sense. It's a framework for the villains to be the villains. Even as far back as the original trilogy, Phantasy Star has had some silly sci-fi stuff thrown in there for little reason other than to give Dark Falz a reason to show up every game.

The stories still worth going through all the same. There are some pretty cool moments, and Episode 5's plot does dial back the multiverse stuff significantly once you get to the big reveal of what Omega essentially is. Just be glad Episode 4 didn't go down the route of Star Ocean 3. I'll admit, when I first went through Episode 4, that's literally the first thing that came to my mind, and it was not a good feeling that I had in that moment.

That said, Episode 4 was still pretty much a giant steaming pile of filler crap from start to finish. The only good bits were the final few chapters, and even then they had to ruin that with one of the most forgettable "villains" in the entirity of the series (even Dr. Howzer was better than what we got in Episode 4). Atleast the Episode did give me one of my favorite UQ boss fights (I miss you Deus Esca!).

@Blade-Syphon It doesn't really matter if it's magic or magical science since it's all there just to make the story go forward. As you said, it's doesn't even attempt to make sense, but the thing is that the writers COULD look into it in an attempt to know what they are talking about. Doesn't need to be realistic to not be plain stupid. They just don't make that attempt. I really don't care about the beautiful people or their sob stories, so obviously all japanese stories are not for me, since there really isn't much, if anything else in them. I can accept that it isn't meant for me, and so i will continue to ignore it.


I mean, that's basicaly science fiction in a nutshell. Very rarely do the "science" elements actually make sense, and when they do, they're so poorly explained that they may not have been even explained in the first place.

It's not just a JRPG thing, it's the genre in general. The moment you try to rationalize the science fiction with real science, it stops being fiction, and starts to fall into the plane of grounded realism, which leads us to stuff like Interstellar (and even that lost the plot in the last act).

Sometimes, especially with Science fiction, it's best to just go along for the ride.

@Blade-Syphon It's called suspension of disbelief, but not all of it is so painfully obvious. As i said, I can accept that it isn't meant for me, and so i will continue to ignore it.

Episode 4 was bad in my opinion. After making the player character develop to be an ACTUAL protagonist (Which you only ever see in PSZ in these games) in Episode 3, they're thrown to the back in favor of Hitsugi and her lack of personality, and her cronies. You have some moments of being a protagonist, but they are few and far between, and you're slapped back, again, when Hitsugi decides "NO YOU'RE JUST A MUTE CHARACTER I'M THE PROTAG" to a similar degree that Ethan and Karen did with you in PSU. Late Episode 3 is one of my favorite bits in the story, and Episode 5 is nice, too, since you REALLY protag it up, there. The Epyk arc was fun, too, and had your player character play the straight man-- er.... You get what I mean, in these comedically overdramatic moments (Like when they shake their head in disbelief when about to throw down with whatsername, for example). Episode 6 does show some sort of promise, though, butt I won't say any more than that.


I'm an english major, pretty sure I know what suspension of disbelief is.

Anyways, my point was that it's fine you don't like it, it's just that the science fiction genre may not be your cup of tea to begin with, since PSO2's jargon is pretty tame in comparison to things like Star Ocean, Star Wars, Star Trek, really Star-anything for that matter.