Coming back after some time

I got forced to other games and hobbies because this one just has the oddest issue of not detecting my controller. I can't do keyboard and mouse due to my current setup so it left me unable to play this for a long time. I end up trying again once a good friend said he was coming here for frame arms and after more time messing with settings and resets than I want to admit I actually finally got a controller to work last night!

Now the problem is I'm so far behind, like starting episode 3 far behind and this game is on it's way to ep6. I'd like to try and catch up as best as I can but it'll be boring to do so pretty much alone. So I'm wondering if there would be some kind people to play with me and give a little helping hand to catch up. My player id is 10009632. And I do got that return bonus thing on me for double featured gifts for those who may want that.

I'm pretty casual and not looking to go hardcore on this game. So I won't be grinding as hard as others or around as much. I'll only go as high as being able to do current content then I just hang around doing silly stuff when I am online.

@Raburesu Welcome back! Unfortunately, you just missed the catch-up events, but the good news is there's still plenty of great gear in the Shopping Plaza and Collection Folders 🙂

To help us give the right advice, could you tell us what class(es) you want to play and what Level you are on your main/sub at the moment? And then for partying it'd be good to know what Ship you're on. Lastly, to make it easier to search for ya at the visiphone, it might be a good idea to change your Player ID to a name instead of the PN number.

As for general advice, I'd start picking up Xia's Client Orders for each of your 3 characters, if possible. Xia will be in the middle of the Shopping Plaza in a Christmas outfit. And her 1st CO will just ask you to kill 30 enemies and it rewards 5 Rising Weapon Badge #5s. You can repeat this quest once per day and can also knock out your 5 Daily Quests for the Tokyo Silver Key which will help you level up (can be done in under 5 minutes on each character). These badges will be super useful for getting strong weapons for certain classes which we can explain depending on your character, but you can also get the Novel unit set or trade the badges down for lower badges to run triggers or get resources to build stronger weapons.

Other suggestions would be to run the 4th daily Recommended Quest because it has a 200% EXP boost and also join the Christmas UQ as it drops some nice items and materials like RWB5s and Unique Weapon Badges (unique badge shop has been updated a few times since Ep 3). And if you can make the Armada UQ a couple times you can complete the 1st 15* Collection Folder weapons (ones that require Luminmech kills) which are pretty dang strong and can socket 3 of the new augments (S-grade augments). Lastly, I'd check the Player Shops for the prices on the 12* Ofze- unit set (names are at the very bottom of this page under Ophistia set) as these were rewarded from the catch-up event and may be pretty cheap. Wearing the back and arms together grants a set bonus that makes them very competitive, and they recently released a means to upgrade them into 13* units at Zig in the Shopping Plaza (big mech/cast on the 1st floor by the Pet counter).

@Rang-Dipkin Ah whoops forgot ship. lol I am of ship 1. Also my ign is same as here. Raburesu. I just gave the id my friend found my by when he joined. XD

Also don't worry, I'm not new to pso2, been playing JP, just wasn't in NA due to controller issues so I don't need any help requiring classes, tips or any of that. It's more that I don't want to be doing it alone if it can be helped. ^^

Quick edit: Forgot the ign. lol

Aw crum, I’d play with you but I’m not on ship 1! 😧 Welcome back, though! Just go at your pace. I still level alts and start from square one, it’s kind of nice to stop and smell the flowers.

You’re in a real treat for fun UQ and Christmas-everything! The Christmas UQ is my favorite and it helped me level my Etoile very quickly.

Welcome back, sadly not on Ship 1, but glad to see people returning to the game as well.

Welcome back 👍 great to see people coming back.

Thanks for all the welcome backs and merry christmas to you all. ^^