In regards to future released side stories in episode 6, specifically with Lukot and Kyokuya. Proper order to be specific. Spoilers abound warning.

So I started getting into the meat and potatoes that is the continuation of episode 6, and I noticed something odd. Having completed all main and side story content from before the latest patch, I had seen the two characters in the title of this thread, have their spat, and make up. Yet with the current update, I'm now getting what appears to be the actual beginning of that side story, showing up out of proper order, within context of my last experience with it. It seems that the story side content is both released, and loads in out of order with the intended context of said story, and it's a bit disjointed. It was a bit confusing at first, but when Kyokuya begins arguing with Stratos about Lukot being dead, it became clear that this story content was intended for the previous, and original release for episode six. Not this current update. That, or due to the way the content is being released, some content is unlocking itself too early.

The phantom likely released before the etoile, both in canon lore, and as classes in Japan, so the content I experienced with Lukot likely wasn't supposed to play out yet, but as both classes released simultaneously with global, the content auto unlocked. I'm making this post here, with the intent of letting the developers know of this, so if this occurrence was unintended, that they can come up with a solution in the future, to prevent it from happening again. It's the first time something like this has happened, and considering the circumstances, that's rather impressive. I greatly appreciate the work that the developers put into the game, the story, and continued support of it, and I hope that ultimately, my post here helps out.

I know this is a old post, but this issue is still in game as I just reach the part where Kyokuya and Stratos are talking as if Lukot is dead. But the previous chapter they all made up and Lukot told her side of the story. It is clearly not intended to be this way. And was very confusing when I first watched the cutscene..

@GolgoPro Glad I wasn't the only one that noticed.