I REALLY hope NGS does something to deal with the MASSIVE bot issue we STILL have.

At the VERY least remove the "feature" that allows players to add a loud noise to messages the whole area hears every time. that's got almost no use for us and every use for bots to destroy the game experience for us.

/toge You're not taking away my toge

@Positive-and-Mannered-Player Then we need an automatic system that flags anyone spamming the same message repeatedly, especially if its making loud annoying noises, and suspends their accounts pending investigation.

Anyone spamming the same message in public areas in say chat is a spambot. no room for doubt when said message contains some address or code.

I’ve honestly been seeing less bots lately on my ship, been pretty nice.

@Milk They may have hired some people to actively search blocks, and block hop, as to keep the amount of them low. Their previous go to of wiping out thousands of bot accounts each maintenance, wasn't exactly efficient. If anything, it would be a larger headache each build up.