New Scratch System

I know the scratch ticket system being removed (but the tickets still work for now) but scratches still existing was mentioned before, but we have yet to hear any more details about whether there will be additional changes besides doing it through the terminal so far.

If there are no additional changes then scratching directly may sound more convenient, but what it actually does is a negative change. Unless you can save scratches to use for a different AC scratch later, this will cause problems for people who don't use all their scratches at once. For example if you buy the 12 pack you save 400AC, so people often save up tickets for the next scratch if they don't want to use all 12 at once. But if there isn't a system to store the scratch pulls for later then you will have to spend money for scratches you should have had leftover. Or buy 12 individual scratches and spend more AC. Either way you would have to pay more total for your scratches. In the old system they were universal AC scratch tickets, but at the current moment with this system you're buying only that scratch.

I hope they have some system to store pulls (maybe as a currency rather than taking up space in your bag or storage?) for later or give you 2 free scratch counts every time you spend 10 or anything that doesn't make us have to pay more for no actual reason.

Other players have also shared the feedback about being unable to buy 12 tickets for the price of 11 so they can scratch 10 times for the 10 scratch bonus item and keep the remaining 2 tickets for use in a subsequent scratch. I'm not sure if that has been acknowledged before but since it's been a while since the ticket removal announcement it's definitely worth bringing up again.

The other obvious concern is that tickets are said to only work for PSO2 AC scratches. We can expect on JP they will probably want to focus on new-physique content once NGS is out, so it's unclear if that'll last for an extended time. I'd like to think they could take the chance to cycle through revivals that are surely even more ancient, but they might want to discontinue it to avoid giving players too many things to spend on - or the subsequent impression that the game is more heavily-monetised.

Not so much a problem on JP where they've had the scratches they wanted, but on Global some of us have been crying out for certain sets (Phantasy. Star. Classic.) for half a year now and if we find out at the last minute that they won't be coming to Global and that there won't be any new AC scratch sets, all the tickets we'd saved up to wait would immediately be devalued while also crashing the market on whichever the last sets happen to be. It wouldn't be a pleasant situation.

You know I didn’t even know about being able to buy generic tickets to save for future scratch until they announced they were getting rid of them. What a waste.

Yeah it stinks that you can't save them up for other scratches, at least for now. I plan on getting scratch tickets for the cosmetics from I think the last AC scratch that comes with EP6. And wanted to save any leftover tickets (or equivalent) on any future scratches that may interest me. I don't want to have to either use more AC to do the scratches individually or just have to accept that I must use all 12 even if I get all the items I want. (I know you can sell them sure, but I only wanted to sell any items I get prior to getting the ones I want).