Why did I disconnect from my RAINBOW Key Quest when my wifi was stable ?

So I started my rainbow key 5 minutes ago, and as I was at the last stage I was disconnected from my Key Quest. I am not happy about this, and I'm currently furious as to how I managed to disconnect from the server. My wifi is stable so I dont know why it said No Response from Server. I demand compensation for this mishap. I am disappointed in this game's server connections and I request you fix it.

you not gonna have a compensation, is written right when you use the key that they will not be given back, also Wi-fi is not stable whoever said that to you just lied Wi-fi is the less stable kind of network connection that even a piece of paper can cause interference is just practical to connect several devices in the same network with less cables, so if you want stability use a wired connection.

I've seen enough from the game that it is at fault for dropping players, today we had two alliance members DC at the exact same moment. But yeah don't expect compensation.