Whats everyone's favorite weapon.

Im liking double sabers so far.

Wand of course. Wand etoile is as close as you can get to what i have always hoped a caster should be like. Floating around while casting. Sure, it's not really a "caster" but close enough.

I prefer Wand for mobbing. You just hold attack to win. Once gauge is full, you just weapon skill full charge self-aoe.

As for bossing, I want to say double saber, because it feels more fluid.

Soaring blade for the awkwardness.

Launcher! Launcher! Launcher! 🙀 😹

o/ =^.^=

I understand why some people can feel that Etoile Soaring Blades is awkward and slow, but it is honestly my favorite. I feel much sturdier using them since almost every PA has super armor, they have a good balance between close and ranged attacks, and being able to guard without interrupting my PAs is just so great (especially against the final Episode 6 boss, who has tons of knockback moves), not to mention that Full Connect does nice damage and looks amazing.

Soaring blades, once you get the lock on move attack the clunkyness of the weapons seems to fade away at least for me. and they become great at doing damage from almost any range while never having to really stop attacking

@AndrlCh The full connect is cool if it does hit the boss. I often miss it because boss moves so quickly sometimes, and I have to stay there for a few seconds to trigger it. It just doesn't feel fast pace enough playing soaring blade. 😄

I love using wand because of the smooth, free-floating attacks. Kinda hard to aim sometimes, though...

Wand because magical girl

I like the zax that I have equipped, I just wish I could turn it purple to match MEGATRON's hair

Honestly, I like all three. Wands for mobbing, soaring blades for single boss, and double sabers for bosses with mobs.