No Tail?

The Bunny outfit is in FF (finally). I bought it and got the outfit and ears. The outfit has no bunny tail. Is there an accessory, because it doesn't look right to me without one?

Innocentia Tail I believe? It’s from the christmas scratch. I heard it’s going for a lot now.

There was an actual Bunny Tail but it’s old and would cost an obscene amount. Weird the outfit didn’t just come with one.

@Milk Oooh, totally forgot about that. I don't normally look at AC accessories because they are soooooo expensive.

Yeah, the lack of a tail in the box set is just wierd. Also have to keep checking FF for a second ear ticket, wish the boxes at least came with 2 of the accessory, as much as they cost.


It’s probably going to run you at least 20m now that people have caught on, unfortunately.

Yeah I had that issue with my Gothic Maid outfit, I had to watch FF for another maid hat. It would be nice to double up some other way, like an option to buy two accessories when you purchase the 1 time buy package.

Yea, when I checked yesterday the Bunny Tail was over 400m and the Inocencia tail was over 24m, but that could have changed in 24 hours. It could be possible that they throw us a bone and toss in a tail in the FF rotation, though, but I dunno if there were any other bunny tail items

Edit: To clarify, this was ship 1, sorry. I dunno the prices on other ships

Doesn't the casino bunny outfits have bunny tails to them. I think they just forgot to add bunny tails to the package. Maybe they will fix it and give everyone that bought the set a free bunny tail.

Original bunny tail was in May AC scratch. Irks me as I started in June. And Innocentia Tail is 1/3 smaller than actual bunny tail even at full size. Guess Sega nickel and dimeing. I'm guessing it will show back up around Easter.