Luster build

does luster perform better with only r-att or with r-att and s-att equally (units)

Luster's attacks scale off of RNG-Pwr, so there is no reason to add any MEL-Pwr to your units; while you may be thinking about the default Skill that picks the highest between RNG-Pwr and MEL-Pwr augments to use, this only applies to the Gunblade itself, and it basically treats whichever the highest stat is as RNG-Pwr.

I lucked out and my 200 attack mag is RNG so I'm all set for when Luster does come.. but seeing some of the campaign dates is making me think we won't get it till February. Which is fine I suppose.

@Vexation Luster has the same kind of Mag Skill as Hero and Etoile that converts any Pwr on the Mag into ALL-Pwr.

@AndrlCh Similarly to the Wand-Etoile where it picks between T-ATK and S-ATK (TEC/MEL, respectively) for its damage scaling, the Luster picks between R-ATK and S-ATK (RNG/MEL, respectively) for its damage scaling. The Mag itself redistributes stats as needed just like the Hero and Etoile does but for the weapon affixes and stat focuses themselves RNG damage is typically the priority for a Gunslash though you can use MEL as well since the Luster picks the higher value between the two.

So now all I'd really need at the weapons themselves. I got light damage covered but what's a good way to get the other element of weapons or how do you convert a weapon to another element? Cause I will need a fire or dark and a lightning or wind one if I wanna use the other forms but the decent 15 stars in the collection folder are all light elements which only covered one style and I definitely wanna try all three.

@VanillaLucia From what I am reading, both of those Skills only apply to the Augments on the weapons themselves, and don't change which stat is used to scale damage.

For example, you have a Wand with +35 MEL-Pwr and +70 TEC-Pwr, so the Skill will take the +70 TEC-Pwr instead of the +35 MEL-Pwr, and add that to the Wand's MEL-Pwr since Etoile Wand uses MEL-Pwr to scale damage.

@Vexation in the market they're selling the weapon element change capsule for very cheap so i suggest you to buy a dark or fire one and a wind or lighning cuz when they will release luster the price could increase