No Ult Booster Exchange, but Solo PD on UH is dropping them

Not sure if you get one every time, but I’ve done 2 runs and have gotten 2 so far

TY. Was thinking about running this later and probably will now.

I must have Bad Luck cuz I haven't gotten 1 in my 2 runs

@Altoh @MiyenHalo it’s a quest clear reward and you need to get S rank for it, the cut off is 12mins. I’ve missed it a couple of times when Pd goes wall spam happy, on the plus side it’s a guranteed reward if you can get the s rank

God this fight is aids since it includes castle. Need 40 more boosters too cause of bad luck. I mena hey if you can s-rank it then you get a booster. but 10min fight up to 50 times for a single rivalate weapon. Oh the utter tedium.

@Sparhawk yea im still not going to bother to farm riv even with this new method it'll be replaced in a month or two why bore myself to tears killing solo PD over and over.

Mining Base VR Ultra Hard drops ultimate boosters, but if you're not on top of your game don't expect to clear it. The quest is relentless and everyone needs to have the damage and map awareness to do it.