Look at all them CAST PARTS!

Finally an ac worthy of Cast nation!

Cast parts even for those that aren't actually cast but would be able to pass as one. lol

There’s so many! I’m not sure which parts I want yet.

@Milk Scratch ALL THE THINGS!

some of them r too expensive tbh, non cast ppl selling them, those dirty heathens.

considering is a collab from Frame Arms what else is to be expected so enjoy looking like a mecha or a mecha girl from Frame Arms Girls

Those mag evolution devices are adorable.

@Raiya said in Look at all them CAST PARTS!:

@Milk Scratch ALL THE THINGS!

Nooo I already shelled out for the christmas scratch! I might get one or two things though. Seriously that Glamora hair(that I’ve been waiting for) ate my meseta. 😧 I can’t decide which CAST stuff makes the cut.