The Mag is a big part of PSO for me!

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You think the crap that flew with Final Fantasy 11 would fly today? hell no.

What I wouldn't give for ability macros though.

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but i like feeding my mag and i loved PSO ep1 and 2 alot...i think a mag could have had a huge potential in PSO2 NGS so this is one of the changes that i actually dislike..i thought they might improve the mag system not kill it...but maybe they have future plans for something similar or didn announce any "replacement" for that matter yet

I like the Mags but my biggest gripe with them was that before the Phantom, Etoile, and Luster got released you were "locked" into them depending on the class combination you played. You had to raise them a specific way to unlock certain skills that you cannot get anywhere else without spending money on a Mag Reset Ticket to try and rebuild them (such as building Corvus to get both PP Restore E and PP Restore J) or that you would be better of spending money on another Mag (which is cheaper than a reset) to try and create a more optimal build for your class.

The biggest function they had beyond the Photon Blasts (to which you only really had two "viable" options for the end-game) was to provide a generally random buff or support or to push your stats high enough so you can equip things at earlier levels than you normally should be able to. This gets to the point where you can be Level 80+ and still be unable to equip fifteen star weapons just because your Mag isn't the right kind of Mag and I did not do the math to see if being at Level 100 at that point would allow that to happen.

As a result, having an improper Mag simply stopped you from gearing up other classes the Mag did not specialize in (you cannot use a MEL Mag as a Force/Techer or Gunner/Fighter and be "effective" in combat) and limited your class choices. Perhaps this is considered "unique" and good design because it forces players to be attentive to their equipment but it was a massive inconvenience to me that you had to buy another one or create another character who would specialize in something else just so you can play another class effectively. This isn't even counting the 200 points as to matching about 3-5% of your overall damage either. It baffles me that the Successor classes do away with this mechanic by giving them stat redistribution as a result as there is no reason to not have a pure-stat Mag with those skills around. It also reduces the requirements to be able to play all classes effectively (especially when many classes are better with the Successor classes as subclasses and when the few who aren't have obvious exceptions such as MEL for Fighter/Hunter and RNG for Gunner/Fighter) the game becomes much easier to handle and pick up when the Mag isn't holding you back anymore like it currently was.

I want to see what Sega has in mind to replace the Mag functionality and Photon Blasts because I would ultimately prefer an approach where players can swap classes at their own will and not have to worry about their earlier decisions (such as their Mag) stopping them from effectively playing the game when they try to walk into relevant content using compromised gear because they had to spend money (or a lot of time in the case of resetting points) fixing their Mag's build. Unfortunately this means that players who don't have PP Restore E or J simply can't get it especially when those skills in particular come in handy very often when they are applicable.

I'm more upset over Pm's going. I like having a mini person follow me around. Mags were just floating stat sticks to make my character better. Glad that's going away.

I feel like a lot of mechanics in PSO2 were just designed to be in the game as PSO nostalgia pandering without meaning or improving upon that, or in my opinion mags are in a worser state than they were in PSO. As typically in PSO you would not always want a mag with just a single stat maxed out, especially since the game had ATA and our PSO2 DEX equivalent is meaningless that they even had to give classes Mag skills, plus PSO had stat caps for race / class combos. If Mags in NGS are to be used like they are in PSO2 I rather the Mag not even contribute stats, just factor in +200 stat points or whatever to skip the boring timesink on the classes themselves if its going to end up like an illusion of extra customization.

It not phantasy Star Online if it doesn’t have a Mag that evolves!

No Mag that evolves then it is everything else.

The Mag makes it unique and standout from the rest!

It the signature!

@RainGnyu No, its not. The Mag is largely irrelevant, and as implemented in Pso2, a bad feature.

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@RainGnyu No, its not. The Mag is largely irrelevant, and as implemented in Pso2, a bad feature.

Why do people like yourself love to tell how people should think?

I enjoy the mag system it a big part for me personally.

I dont think PSO2's version of the mag is a bad feature and it certainly isnt irrelevent.

That said, iirc they heavily implied that MAG's in NGS dont have stats tied to them like they do in PSO2. Im sure they will serve other purposes.

As for it not being PSO without a MAG, thats horse manure. Games and their systems evolve. its just the natural order of things. if NGS not having a mag is the make it or break it issue for you, simply dont play.

I find that this just seems to be a reason to complain. first you said mags were going away and had a complained about that, then when we told you theyre in NGS and that they arent going away you start complaining "But they wont evolve!". And? its still a mag. is a human not a himan if one of its functions doesnt work? pretty sure deaf, blind, paralyzed people are still humans. same logic applies here. the game isnt even out yet, weve seen very little of what it has to offer and people are already finding things to complain about.

Lets just wait till we can actually experience it before crucifying parts of it

Where are a people getting info about MAG being removed?

In EVERY gameplay video there is a MAG, there is even a WORLD Mag, which gets fed like the clan tree!

All they have said is there are new functions coming, with a world terminal being one.

If we are going from the same assumption then we are going to be limited to basic swords, knuckles, wands, rods, rifles and mech guns.

We have been shown characters in dev mode, with the most basic gear possible, that includes MAG. So we are only being shown the basic MAG.

I can't see them removing the stat aspect of mag, modifying I maybe but given that it's going to be our companion and main interface, I'm expecting it to be a decent part of the game.

As for pso2 not having PMs, we do they are called auxiliaries.

Only this time we can actually equip and style them, and they can help with collection quests and come in as a partner card npc.

In my personal opinion not having a Mag floating behind you help you fight or protect will kill the game. Without the mag the is just like FFXIV or destiny.

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In my personal opinion not having a Mag floating behind you help you fight or protect will kill the game. Without the mag the is just like FFXIV or destiny.

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Dead game confirmed, its all over mates.

Mags are a waste of time imo. They serve no purpose other then boosting your attack stat by 200 (Seriously, defense is such a waste) and seeing the hungry battery every 5 min is irritating for me.

Glad that Stealth Mag is carrying over.

RainGnyu... why are you like this? Every post you make is a huge exclamation of insanity.

@Vashzaron I'm glad evolution device data would carry over. I get why Rain is saying that, mags are part of PSO2's identity. Any other 'buddy' system I have seen was lack luster compared to Mags.