Multi-Weapon Fun

Lets pretend you can multi weapon with the current available classes. What would you like to see or play?

For me, I'd like to be a bow braver with Jinga pet. Limit pet pa to 1, on bows weapon pallet without switching to harmonizer. Give me that old fantasy hunter style gameplay from other games.

I want fan weapons.

I'd like launchers on force, they can infuse the rounds with elements (similar to bouncers), and the rounds will do additional effects for each different element.


Soaring Blades/Double Sabers, with identical skins so that it looks like I'm putting my weapons together to Double Saber and breaking them apart to Soaring Blades.

All i want is for fighter knuckles to be brought closer to hero sword fighting style. That's what i call hand-to-hand combat! Still, do that and combine jet boots and knuckles for the best results.