PSO2es & Idola crossplay when?

A large chunk of content, including affixes which are needed for gear progression such as receptors are only obtained through the mobile games. We do have Idola, but it doesn't have a reward feature that ties into PSO2, and PSO2es is still nowhere to be found.

Are we going to see anything regarding these games in the future?

is not crossplay is just rewards related to stuff you do in those 2 games but no we not gonna see anything related to doing stuff in then, the version that was released of Idola was not made by Sega so is not connected to PSO2 and if PSO2es is released outside of Japan probably will be in the same way.

Even so, there are a large number of sales and rewards tied to PSO2es, it would be a shame if it's never included.

I'm hoping we get PSO2es's equivalent when NGS comes if there is one. I'd absolutely love to have a phone game I can play that links to PSO2.

@Jamesmor There are tricks to things such as stockpiling experience between both games (experience gained in PSO2 transfer to PSO2es and vice versa) so you can level up from there as well. It also grants you access to things like Mag management and feeding as well on top of granting you a means to earn Star Gems and FUN points outside of the base game. IDOLA Phantasy Star Saga is similar in this regard in that on top of exclusive cosmetics and equipment you can get you can also get a decent amount of Star Gems without much effort which definitely adds more methods of obtaining Star Gems whereas the global version relies solely on campaigns, title rewards, and less popular content (Challenge Mode, Battle Arena, the Casino, and Buster Quests) for them.

Since they gave us consolation SG with the Idola announcement since it's handled by another company, I'd be kinda surprised if it ever got linked up. I feel like they'd be more likely to give us something in PSO2 like extra SG on tier 35 of mission passes, or something.

@Akonyl The SG we got for the Idola announcement was a pretty big slap in the face. "Heres a couple hundred SG to make up for the thousands of SG youre gonna miss over the coming months oh and the millions of exp in tickets as well" didnt fly with me and a lot of others were just as rightly pissed by the announcement

@Arcflare Yeah, I didn't mean to say that it was a great consolation, but the fact that they gave it at all rather than them just going "stay tuned for more future news" or something reads to me like they intended for it to be a decent enough replacement.