Lost my S4: Lifesteal Strike

(I’ve just messed up really badly while trying to up-slot to 8 slots and forgot about the consequence if you actually fail rip)

my S4 ability has been wiped so is there really no other way for me to get it back other than redoing the entire process of getting the 15-star gun blade? No one even plays buster quests anymore man, if so I’m doomed.

If the weapon you are trying to affix it to is an Atlas EX, then you can just switch it back to a Gunblade at Zig, affix it, then switch it back. Also, the only way you could have lost it is if you forgot to add it to your weapon when affxing since S-Grade augments have a 100% success rate, even when upslotting.

Damn I must have dropped a slot and selected a junk affix and it probably deselected the lifesteal strike, but tysm that helped me so much!!!

You can also buy S4 off the market now from players.

I keep my atlas ex gunblade as a lifesteal S4 battery cause no matter what I can always affix it using a junk weapon as fodder, get the s4 back, and then transfer it to what I wanna use it for. Only real reason I keep it.

I just lost that on my wired lance without even doing anything, was leveling other classes and when I switch back via the loadout menu it's just gone and my weapon is down a slot.

Its not too hard to do it I mean a normal Altas 14* has the same S-grade augment as the EX 15* the only thing holding you back is the Eteristone, mats, & the 1mil for the S-grade transfer. Alternatively with the UH Quests out, Omega Luther UH now drops Lumiere Weapons so its not that hard to make an EX.