what item(s) are these?

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i saw a video from about a month ago on youtube today and decided to try the game for the first time afterwards; i was wondering if anyone could tell me what outfit they seem to be wearing? specifically the wings, cape, and halo -- i'd like to know how to get them, if they're still available.


In terms of what I can find for the outfits:

  • Hariette Battlewear [Ou] (?) - I'm not too certain on this but the sleeves seem to look close.

  • Soaring Silks: Snow [Ba] - You can look up color variations if you wanted something else.

  • Wings of Darkness B - I'm not certain if these can be colored like that person has it in their video.

I do not know if the Halo was available as part of a Fresh Finds or a bonus for participating in an older AC Scratch as the catalogue I was looking through does not list them (which means they likely are not normally obtainable).

Fashion Database for future reference

If the Player Shop search does not work for you in coming up with the auto-complete results you must manually enter the full name (copy/paste works too) and then search the item without the auto-complete by simply searching at the bottom-right of the menu. You will not see items you have not "seen" in-game become cached until you see them either on another player or seeing them in the menus.

The halo is from this promotion back in June


It's called Angel Halo, and is currently priced at about 2million mst on ship 02.

@VanillaLucia @Ryukage thank you both so much!


Wings of Darkness B

The lighting looks bright but it checks out to me, the inner part of the wing matches your outerwear and from my experience it’s always lighter/brighter than the rest of the wing.