Misson Pass Down?

So, I just now noticed that the Mission Pass is locked for some strange reason? Did it close early or what's going on?

Probably going to come back up with maint, at least I hope.

@coldreactive I saw that minutes after posting this, but this is really bad. Trading being down, I'm getting used to that happening more and more, but this? This is new and the worst timing possible due to maintenance being today.

Erf... I wouldn't be surprised if one of these errors disables combat or something like that. We are getting dangerously used to these derps already.

@ZorokiHanuke Why'd you jinx us with saying that...? Seriously though, it'd be very, very helpful if they look for problems like these during maintenance rather than immediately after. (At least with this one it happened on the same day as maintenance, which is sadly PSO2 day.)

Darn it, I should've got those keys yesterday, I was saving them for PSO2 day but now I can't.

@ZarexWolf This game may be a rather special case, but it still ties to an old saying about coding. See, add perfectly working code into other perfectly working code, and you may still get buggy code. And considering what's said about the way this game was coded, these derps are pretty much bound to happen...

Any idea what the problem was?

I've been saving my unlocked SG on the pass because I'm weak-willed.

@Neosiotype said in Misson Pass Down?:

Any idea what the problem was?

I've been saving my unlocked SG on the pass because I'm weak-willed.

I dont think they'll less us, but I have a sneaking suspicion its to do with the fact our last pass was half the time.

@Vashzaron Yea, I can see that happening.

For me the mission pass wasn't letting me get my gold tier reward items. I put in a ticket the day before it went down. So I sincerely hope that's that issue they are trying to fix though I've not seen another person on the forum complaining of the same problem. Also PSO2 day lasts a couple days. In this case from 12/21 6pm - 12/23 6pm (Central Time) So you should have some time even after maintenance to use your keys.

@ZorokiHanuke I should definitely keep that saying in mind. Still, I wish they tested these before releasing them publicly. Just got to try and get used to all of these derps I guess.

Unless i'm wrong it seems like this mission pass is dead in terms of gold ticket items. They're letting you refund your gold tickets at swap shop 2 for 200sg which is the price of a gold ticket. And from the sounds of it it seems like they've disabled gold tickets. I haven't been on yet but i've not used my gold ticket because I usually wait to use them till i've completed the pass. So it sounds like I won't be getting this passes premium items.

@Knight-Raime Odd. Before the whole thing went down, I was getting the gold ticket stuff normally.