Unable to log in (Error code 667)

Error Code 667 when attempting to log in to any Ship. I've submitted a ticket, but support has been unhelpful so far. I've tried checking as many system settings as I know of, including ensuring comm ports 12000-12999 are available. Maybe someone in here has some suggestions?

Just for GMs/etc. The OP made a previous thread on the issue: https://forum.pso2.com/topic/904/error-667

Try removing and re-adding your xbox account to your xbox.

@coldreactive sorry 😕 didn't see this group until today and was unable to delete the previous post.

@GM-Deynger i have tried that with no success. I'm creating a 2nd account now to try, even though it won't have Live access

It needs Gold/Live access and active time, make sure it has that.

ok, so a new account got me past the Ship log in, I didn't attempt to go further as the account has no Live/Gold status. Now the question...how do I fix my current account?

That....I have no idea. Was just shooting at stars. >< Maybe Xbox has a way to merge accounts?

@GM-Deynger lol ok...I'll see what I can dig up

Do you know if your account is an old Xbox account or a newer Microsoft Account (which combines both into one and is just a Microsoft Account)?