Add Ultimate Boosters to the Photon Booster shop like they are supposed to be

Ultimate Boosters need to be added to the Photon Booster shop like they are in JP. the drop rate in ults is WAY too low for them. ive met several people who have put in 30+ hours in ults without a single drop even when using RDR boosts. while "Several" people certainly is not the most of the community it does paint a grim picture of the drop rate. I may be wrong as its been a while since the JP release of ep 6 in JP, but I'm fairly certain ult boosters were added to the photon booster shop either on release or VERY shortly after. Please correct me if I am wrong. none the less though, clearly something needs to be done.

While I do agree the Ultimate Booster needs to be addressed soon, I would ask you to stay your frustration a bit longer. Based on JP's history the Ultimate Boosters addition should be soon.

JP April 24th 2019 Ep6 Releases, May 29th 2019 armada arrives, August 21 2019 ultimate boosters added to Photon booster exchange. I'd like to note the JP Cleasis units weren't available unit July 2019 vs (Global's ep5 release), & Schvelle units weren't seen until October when they released UH Dragon & ep6 ch3.

Going on, the date the Ultimate boosters came into play was about a month after they were started dropping from ultimate bosses (July2019) vs (Global had Ultimate boosters drop in Ultimate Quest in EP3), the day the Ultimate boosters were added to the PB exchange (August 21 2019) was also when JP first had access to dismantle 14&15 stars weapons & wouldn't see Rivalate(リバレイト) until December. Though for JP, the Novel were only available through a limited exchange & wouldn't have a free access exchange to them until a month later.

I Assure you they are coming soon, probably with a new UH variant quest on the horizon. While I realize the small time frame may only harden your case, however it would be more months for JP to receive the rest of the UH fields where as Global got them all upfront on EP6 launch along side all the weapons from every JP crest exchange (though divided between rising 5 & Unique badge) . So all things considered give Sega a bit more time.

I don't mind waiting, its just a bit frustrating. as long as they are added its fine with me. I don't really plan to upgrade weapons again unless something SUPER amazing comes out as people in JP are still using Liberate quite often so they definitely stay relevant for basically ever at this point. over the last week I've put in 90 hours farming them all running as many RDR boosters as I can and I've gotten 3.with an average (For me) of 1 every 30 hours it has one of the worst drop rates of any item in any game i have ever played. its only outshined by the infinite potion pieces in BDO that take upwards of 80+ hours on average to get one to drop. but then again you only need 4 pieces to finish the pot, not 50 (More if you want the units too).

@N00bie666 That's actually why I dropped BDO though. I never felt like I was making any progress while grinding for gear, as the drop rates are hot garbage, and grinding on that game was never fun. Whereas on PSO2, I actually have a lot of fun doing it, so it helps pass the time while I grind.

@Anarchy-Marine I like both. I play BDO when i want fantasy and PSO2 when i want spacey anime vibes. I generally dont mind grinding and the drop rates in BDO have gotten a lot better.

@N00bie666 Well when I burn out on a game, the way I burned out on BDO, it takes me years to want to return. I left Warframe for two years after my first burn out on it, which benefited me, because i later found I enjoyed the game more with the quality of life patches they added. Might happen with BDO, but PSO2 has been able to grip my attention almost completely. And I haven't had major gripes, so it's likely to keep that attention.

@Anarchy-Marine yeah, thats totally understandable.

In addition to this, I really hope the add the Photon Art ExCube exchange, which I think was originally added in like Episode 4 or 5 on the JP server; the Personal Shop prices for some PAs that are supposed to be standard for certain classes and builds are just ridiculous, especially when they come from content that people don't really run anymore or don't drop for all classes (like some support Techs), so being able to get lv17 PAs for 20 ExCubes is a real lifesaver.

Thank you for voicing this feedback! I'll pass it along to the team.

Update on the 23rd was really good but we're still missing the Ultimate Booster exchange. With the vast majority getting their Rivalrate key from mission pass this week, ultimate booster trade is a must have. They are very frusterating and downright discouraging to farm. From UH just flat out having a 1-5% (it feels like it) drop rate and solo PD being maddening if you miss out on a S rank for the ult booster cause PD decided to spam far ranged attacks for a few minutes. PLEASE! please please please add in the ultimate booster trade next week on the 30th. There is so much that needs them now at 30 to 50 amounts and trying to farm them even for a single weapon or unit is causing burn out.

I agree put them in the booster shop where they belong.. farming boosters are draining players out at this point and you will loose the casual crowd if this isn't implemented soon

@GM-Deynger Yes, please add it soon. It is a missing feature.

I'd like to tack on that in the JP client there also was a Weapons Badge in the Photon Booster Exchange alongside the Ultimate Booster, I'd like you to consider adding this as the Unique Weapons Badge since a Rising Badge wouldn't really make sense there.

As for the continued topic, I'm predicting they're holding off the on Ultimate Boosters since Divide Quests are around the corner (so to speak) & according to the JP client, the Exchange Shop contains Ultimate Boosters. Seems like a likely reason not to add it yet/at all.

*Unrelated to this topic, but relevant to exchange shops. In the JP client I noticed the PA discs in the EX-Cube are separate from the the main exchange & are broken up by Melee, Ranged & Tech PAs, but our global one is all in one, If not to impose could you consider doing something similar for them in Global. Its a minor detail, but an appreciated one if applied, could you please give it some thought, thank you for your time if you read this.