Mitigating RMT bots with block requirements

I suggest adding several blocks with a level requirement for players to enter. This increases the level of entry for bots to spam players with RMT messages which will reduce the amount of bots players may see.

Why it is needed? I know many have expressed frustration about bots in the lobby. I have blacklisted and reported so many that I had to clear my blacklist once because it filled up (500 users). Blacklisting and reporting is just not a good countermeasure because it requires players to go out of their way to do so, plus the blacklist limit means it is not sustainable. The lobby has so many important features that just going somewhere else is not a solution because you have to go back to the lobby once in a while, meaning getting your chat flooded by bots.

How does it mitigate? Adding a level requirement like level 75 to a block will increase the barrier of entry for bots, making them work harder to create a new account/character for advertising. Currently, if a bot account get banned, they can just create a new one immediately and continue the spam. By adding a level requirement, bots have to spend more time grinding their character to a high enough level to get into these new blocks to reach the active playerbase (I'm assuming active players will be high level). This should reduce the number of bots the active players see, making the player experience much better.

What problem can it cause? I suggested a level requirement because I want a time gate to lengthen the startup time for a bot, but not too difficult where it locks out the other player base that are not high enough level yet. The problem I can see this causing is the game's first impression for new players where they jump into the game and are immediately spammed with RMT bots with very few actual players to interact with (since they would be in the level-locked blocks).

Can this be done? In JP, they have an "experts" block system which only allows players who have completed a certain achievement to enter. I wouldn't really suggest that in PSO2 Global since that could create more "elitism" attitudes and divide the player base. This system could reused to have it be a level requirement instead.

This is ONLY a mitigation strategy, not a solution. The bots may be able to automate leveling up new characters, but this should increase the time and effort to advertise to a majority of the player base. By increasing the barrier, the cost/benefit scale may tip over to where less bots may show up because it is not worth the effort. The current system just makes it way too easy for bots to restart their RMT business after being banned.

Greetings ARKS Operative,

Thank you for sending us your suggestion. We will add this to our poll of suggestions for further consideration and improvement of our game. We are truly grateful for a player like you who patronized our game!

@Leazureli I like the idea, and I know a GM has already responded, my only concern is in regards to new players. If this is a level required block system, what about new players? Wont they get stuck on lower level blocks with the bots? If this is ship wide, and not block specific, wont new players get shafted in this situation, as it can be a while before they reach higher levels, rendering them unable to communicate with established players for some time. This would likely create new problems for the game wouldn't It? The idea while coming from a good place, still needs work. Headaches like these are never really easy to solve, and solutions, even bandaid one's meant for mitigation, are never sadly foolproof. If this does get implemented, I hope there's some sort of out for the newbies, that are genuine people and not bots.

Good ideas for sure. Additionally I wish there was a simply near one click, or one button press rather, way of reporting a user as being a Meseta Seller. Even those skilled with the "Controller Keyboard" I would wager struggle to select/sub-select on the right menu items. And then the drop down for the offense. Then controller keyboard entering the reason.

Could there be an additional drop-down selection for Meseta Selling that didn't require a text box entry to submit..? Fwiw.

Thank you.

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@GM-Phantasma And when we start seeing a dip in player numbers, maybe they will try to revitalize the game by actually acting on one of these suggestions. Probably gonna take a few years at least though. I might still be here to tell you all "i told you so". Till then.

This post is deleted!

Block Mainland China. as most JP vets will tell you RBT bots all but went away after JP blocked Mainland China.

My idea wasn't a level min rooms. Afterall new players are more likely to Buy meseta than long term players who already have millions. Mine is a max character count per minute then hour. Like a if a single account posts a # of characters the server would popup the 5 digit security promt you get when opening personal shops. Except the only way to put in the # is using the on screen pad. Keyboard input would not be allowed. With the constant changing positions of the numbers it would be verrry difficult to automate typing it in. 3 failed attempts would result in a chat mute for 5m. Repeated attempts while muted would result in a 30m kick. Repeated offenses in a single day would then result in a 3d account ban. 3 account bans in a single month. Perma account ban.

The 1h character limit would be for those smart asses who manage to0 math out a bot program that would bypass the limit. The hour limit would be equal to 15 of the 1m character limit total.