Exquisite Critical Parfait

According to Arks Visiphone this parfait drops in the Christmas UQ. After week of running it I have never seen it. Can anyone that has gotten this please advise where?

Only one of my ally mates got it. Its ridiculous how low the drop is.

@cobiansbox said in Exquisite Critical Parfait:

According to Arks Visiphone this parfait drops in the Christmas UQ. After week of running it I have never seen it. Can anyone that has gotten this please advise where?

I've ran every Christmas on Ice urgent I could and i've gotten 1. They are an extremely rare Parfait that a lot of pets need, unfortuantely.

You can buy these with weapon badge 5 from badge vendor they cost 30 each.

@Kaatrina78 Not in game right now, but the one at the shop, is it the Exquisite variant or the lower powered version?

@ZorokiHanuke It's not in the shop at all, he was confusing it with the normal version which is outdated now, Exquisite Critical seems to be exclusive to the UQ.

@Astral-Lettie Yup. I was almost sure it was a mistake, but I couldn't fully confirm it so I put it as a question. Checking these sweets in the visiphone wiki, they are pretty much like adding two sweets to one slot, so I see how valuable they are.

Only gotten one. Usually the Exquisite Parfaits are less desirable than the Super ones because of the stronger primary effect but this one having the already scarce support roll effect makes this one annoyingly valuable.

The exquisite critical parfait still remains one of the annoying issues summoners have and Sega are still being douches about the drop rate of more or less essential parfaits and rolls, making it incredibly frustrating to play summoner right now, they threw us a minor bone with the 14* egg collections but thats still only part of what summoners need access too.

Summoners are still missing quite a few vital things, including this parfait. You can get it from Mining Base VR but again, the drop rate is pathetic and requires a huge time investment chasing something that more then likely will not drop. They gave us access to some of the parfaits in the shops, but guess what...they are the ones which are not nearly as important, Exquisite critical parfait would have been better suited in the gold medal shop.

Like others, I've probably done Christmas UQ probably more than 100+ times now including triggers, I have yet to see Serpen Plenzer or the 15* harmonizer and have not seen a single Exquisite parfait drop, problems like this is why the playerbase is losing players on a daily basis and always has been, the drop rate is notoriously bad and always has been bad the problem is for summoners, since we have limited access to SAFs, we need 100% access to all the parfaits and rolls just to even remotely compete with the other classes who essentially got Liberate weapons given to them practically for free, not to mention significantly easier to get high powered SAFs as well.

I don't really mind if an item has an obscenely low drop rate like the Exquisite Parfaits, as having them handed over would lessen the fun that is grinding for something worthwhile. I've been running this quest from the moment it was available and I've gotten quite a few Exquisite Stuffed and Exquisite Vigorous, but so far none of them have been Exquisite Critical.

A problem I do have is the fact that Christmas on Ice is the only quest that can drop said item. A quest that will go away in just 2 days, rendering the obtainment of Parfait impossible for the players because there are no other places to grind them. Or at least that's what we think we know, which leads into my main problem.

My main problem is the fact that we have absolutely NO WAYS to know exactly where Sweets drop in any quest, because unlike weapons, Sweets do not appear on the Item Log. This means that there are only 2 ways someone would know about a sweet dropping from a quest: 1.- Word of mouth between the players (a bit difficult since Summoner is one of the least popular classes) and 2.- The Arks Visiphone wiki, which by itself is also word of mouth because it's sustained by the community and not the developers. I didn't even know Magatsu and Yamato were supposed to drop Support Rolls, because that information isn't present in the game.

Instead of just handing them over, make them available through other quests like Risk Explorations or maybe the new Infiltration Ultimate Quest. And make that information available to the players through the game itself, we shouldn't have to go to an external website just to know what drops and where to find it. And external site that also has incomplete information, may I add. Today I got an Exquisite Reckless Parfait by doing the Xmas UQ, but that info doesn't appear on the Arks Visiphone wiki. I think doing this would mitigate the problem, or maybe just solve it completely.

I got one ECP during the entire Christmas event, and that is also doing significant amount of Triggers as well making the drop rate obnoxiously low for a 'critically' important parfait for summoners, it IS perhaps the most important parfait for summoners in the entire game and it needs to be made much easier to get.

@Meikoloid Although you could get support rolls from Magatsu and Yamato, once again the drop rate was obnoxiously low.

I just use the normal crit ones for now decent placeholder till you can replace them with the Exquisite one but yeah I also wish they would add the damn ultimate boosters to shop already as well I hate having to grind for these things. Drop rate is also garbage.

@ZorokiHanuke yeah its the reg one got confused my bad did not realize Exquisite was even avail at the time.

Never seen the parfait or rolls, that Christmas UQ was my favorite too so I tried not to miss a single one.

Don't really know Summoner pains but will say that I haven't even got a Rivalate weapon yet (Not trying to start something) but trust me it becomes even more annoying for all other classes later on in Episode 6 to gear for endgame and the tide kinda changes. Guessing these will end up in the rising badge 6 shop when that most likely releases or the drop rate/places for it to drop increase in the part 2 update for Episode 6.