ps02 ngs realse date

when is Ngs being released ?

We don't know. But Japan is getting CBT in February. From what I understand, the PSO2 base game will be updated beforehand, for Japan.

Probably Mid to late Spring of 2021; if delayed probably Summer 2021; not sure xD

there's no official release date the game will soon start the closed beta and if nothing goes wrong that is pretty much hard to not have problems then maybe can be released close to the mid of next year

CBT ends late February in JP.

The finalized release could be anywhere from March 20th, April 4th, to June 21st at the latest in terms for Global.

Spring in Japan is usually when Cherry Blossoms bloom, between mid March to the 1st week of April. (March 14th to April 10th)

I would have any new parts ordered by March, if April is the Global release after the JP release allows for live server adjustments.

The extreme latest (meaning crippling bugs and emergency rollbacks) would be on PSO2's anniversary of May 27th or July 4th.

There might be things they hid from us in their test server reveal, that are either incomplete or complete enough to be spoilers.