When can we Expect to get a Shop for Phantacites?

I have 156 Phantacites just sitting in my storage hoping that we'll get a use for them, but I'm starting to think it'd be better to toss them out if the use is long gone and not needed anymore.

We're not getting any. They're old leftovers that can be traded in for certain items at the Astracite shop, the main one being Photon Boosters.

@Matt Hm, doesn't show the Phantacite for Photon Boosters for me. Otherwise I would've just used them all up just to clear my storage.

@ZarexWolf its the very last item on the exchange.

It says "Target Astracite" -- Astracite are basically just all the rocks, of which Phantacite is one of them.

@Matt @captain-codpiece Well, apparently it doesn't accept it for me, I brought the 156 Phantacite with me, but this is what showed up. c915ee69-86f7-4900-bff8-1e408f033407-image.png

Ares Phantacites? I don't know if there's even a use for them right now. I recall they were once used to acquire old type Ares weapons, rare 13 at the time. I don't think we've ever gotten those.

@CalvinaCoulange Yeah, there's literally no use for any Phantacite now. I tried using the other Phantacite for Photon Boosts, but the same result. Seems like they're 100% a waste of storage space.

Ok yeah, Ares is just the one Phantacite we have no use for.

Not to be confused with Kagaseo Phantasmalites which do count at the shop.

Yeah, I think that's what caught me off guard lol

Ares Phantacite is for upgrading the OFz Unit set.

if I remmember correctly atm they are only used for the ophista unit upgrades, there should be something else coming hopefully.

@Thelnar I desperately hope so. Anything to make it worth grinding them for besides getting photon boosters with the applicable Phantacite.

Don't think we are ever going to get the shop that trades them. It would be very useful to have, because it would bring down the cost of some of the pet candies. Instead on Global Support rolls cost almost 20mil.