How to switch accounts on windows 10?

Hi my sister played on windows 10 Now I want to create my account and play Ho do I switch accounts? Coz when I start the game it keep login on her account.

If you open up the windows store app on your PC, I believe who you're logged in as there is who you'll be logged into PSO2 as, but it's been months since I've used the MS Store version of the game. Alternately, if you have the XBOX app on your PC, you can try opening that and changing who's logged in there.

If you have it through Steam, you just have to use a different Steam account to play it.

Just as a warning, the MS Store version of the game has some pretty big issues that people have run into where you can have your entire install kill itself on windows updates and have to redownload the entire thing. The Steam version doesn't have these issues, but the process of linking an existing MS Store account to Steam is kind of obnoxious (if your sister wants to keep her account playable through a Steam version). You can also use the PSO2 Tweaker to install a MS Store version of the game in a location not controlled by the Windows OS, which usually keeps it from getting blown up all the time.

Ty I used Tweaker Tried steam but sadly the game didnt want to start.

Unsure if it's what your issue was, but if you use the tweaker + steam, make sure you go through all of the steps for converting from a MS install to a Steam install (on the arkslayer page in the tweaker guide). One of the steps for making the Tweaker work with Steam is that you actually have to go into the actual steam store and click "play" on pso2 in there first, doing that registers something within Steam that the Tweaker requires in order to be able to start the game (maybe it has to register to your library? Idk)

Tried Tweaker + steam but game didnt want to start either. So playing the normal version

if you are going via MS Store when the main screen appear (that one to press any button to continue) you can press tab there to change the account that will login, via Steam is a little more trickier, you need to login a different account on Steam and then start PSO2

I first downloaded the game via steam Log onto steam on my account Then try to start it but after I pressed play nothing happen. Then I downloaded tweaker and tried to play on tweaker via steam but still nothing Then I deleted the game and downloaded a normal version and it worked.

@Alphabunny8807 i would find a way to get steam launcher to work. PSO2 launcher not compatible with the windows store an sooner or later your OS system will lock the game files behind a folder you won't have access too. Than you'll have go do a full reinstall of the game while also finding a way to get access of the game files that were locked otherwise you'll have that locked file taking up 60 GB on your PC. An this will keep happening too if you choose to stay on the windows store launcher. It why the PC launch for this game was terrible an almost killed the game day one of launch.

@Aquila-ibis There's also a non-steam way to install ot via the tweaker (without directly using the MS store) which prevents the Microsoft Store from doing things like that. It's not the default option as it requires following multiple instructions including using powershell that are listed on the tweaker's website. While the Microsoft store tweaker installation version has all the steps automated with the tweaker but causes the issues you mentioned.