Braver newvbie help !!

Anyone has topic related to the problem i will ask ?

So I'm having trouble with Guard/block button i see youtubers counter attack perfectly without guard button on their skill slots how does it happen? I also want guard button in sub pallette but it doesn't show there only in mouse, i use mouse & keybaord btw. Shift is my dodge as im used to fps gaming/dragon nest. Hope i can input guarf button into other keyboard keys.

Last question relating to Br/Ph currently im lvl 49 but need to be 75 in order to unlock phantom. Im currently Br/Hu , do i need to invest in Hunter 1st before switching to phantom? Or wait to get 75 then i go phantom ? Really need answers to these

  • You can set a dedicated Weapon Action (which is for Guard) key from the Control Settings Menu. You can also change any other function from there as well.

  • You need 2 classes to level 75 to unlock the Title to unlock Phantom; this can take a while if you don't have a bunch of Bonus Keys ad EXP Tickets, so it is a good idea to make sure you do properly build your subclass' tree to be able to play content properly.

@AndrlCh Thank you !! so much !!