NGS Broadcast prologue 1

So did anyone see the broadcast for NGS? I did and it was great....

I am excited to see how the other weapons for the classes will play. I do not quite know of what to make of the story yet as there was not much to show for that end of things but with the gameplay being tighter and a lot of the familiar aspects returning and being tweaked (hopefully intending to stay balanced as well) I definitely hope that this starts off being what Phantasy Star Online 2 was failing to do in terms of its balance.

The only real gripe I have (which is doubled-edged on its own) is that my preferred playstyle really lies in the Successor classes (namely Hero, Phantom, and Luster as I feel the Etoile is definitely fun to play but I definitely enjoy the others more) being absent. I never liked that the Hero would reuse the same weapons and overshadow the use of the Sword, Twin Machineguns (to a degree), and the Talis. And while the Phantom and Etoile are much more balanced about their approaches to bringing an alternative playstyle I would love to see either alternative weapons/playstyles for the classes that incorporate those elements or a variation of the Successor classes that are in line with the original classes as well. To go with this, the Techer and Force remain distant from the Etoile despite the Force using some animation-inspirations from the Etoile and the Techer's wand being much like we remember of it and being distant from the Wand-Etoile. I would love to see the three distinct playstyles the Etoile had return in some form and I would definitely love to see the Luster return as we have yet to see the Gunslash in New Genesis and I can definitely imagine it would transition very well into New Genesis gameplay given what that class pushes.

I am eager to see how things like the Skill Trees work this time around because I definitely do hope that we can keep a sort of balance that does not turn into the subclassing mess we currently have where the Hunter for so long was the "best" option for all-rounded gameplay and that nothing else quite compared and had to be overpowered with other options that were just as viable to a degree. My hope is that the Skill Board from Phantasy Star Nova gets some sort of use so players can piece together their own sets of skills for their own builds rather than being a cookie-cutter build like most of the skill trees right now are. I would love to see more freedom in players choosing the conditions they want to play (high health builds, low health builds, "safe" average builds, builds focused around specific gameplay mechanics, and more) rather than the approach to gameplay we currently have where classes like the Hero are inherently "forced" to be risky or how classes like the Gunner (and paired with the Fighter as a subclass) conflict when you don't have low health or high health.

I'm just glad I can finally have a main Force weapon that I can switch out with a sub like I had originally planned eight years ago before my multi weapon DPS focused Bou/Et. Prob going to be Force/Gunner this time. 😓

I can freaking blast stuff from wherever I want in an open field! 😍

Also get to go back to being a buff/heal assistant, this time with more mobility! 😁

Saving up on SG for those finger movement FF rotation items will be painful, but I've gotten up to 2k for free during an Alliance event.

Sadly, those went into the SG Scratch or FF itself. I'm slowly getting back to a stash.

(Or at least I hope there will be SG costing items... or at least Mission Pass ones too.)

I get the feeling that PSO2 items will not work with the NGS mesh model, and gender swapping might not be possible with PSO2 items.

(They didn't exactly show that functionality after sorting to the NGS exclusive options.)

So for those wondering how the NGS transfer will work, it's likely going to be copied in a similar fashion to the Challenge Quest lobby.

The inventory system is probably going to be covered in Part 2, and hopefully the model mesh type compatibility will be discussed as well.

(IE- Mix and Match.)

We might not see another part of the intro until January or the start of JP CBT.