PSO2 Global Roleplaying Community Discord


For those who are seeking a PSO2 roleplaying community that's currently available, we are out there!

Our main focus of the community is Ship 03: Thorn, and we have over 600 members who are into roleplaying, or even make friends who want to group up to do triggers/quests/dailies and socialize.

We are also preparing for PSO2 New Genesis, where we are seeking for those who are taking a break from current PSO2 and are coming back or entering into PSO2 community in a fresh start!

Whether you are current roleplayers, or new to roleplaying and would like to get into it - this is the place to make friends!

Our Discord Link is:

Hope to see you in our Discord, ARKS!

Been a member for more than 5 months... This community is great, because there are lot of ppl that enjoy RPing, but also do Urgent Quests together in the group chat.

Mods are cool. They got rid of some drama mongering people real fast in group chat and in discord. Didn't even want to check the server frequently because of that. It's been pretty friendly and worth hanging out since then...

There are few people who joined and aren't in ship 3. But they are still actively talking in here too.

Bumped because I actually do like this community.

Hello, NGS is coming soon and we have over 600 members that RP with us in this community. Our main ship is 3, and we are seeking for those who wish to RP in New Genesis! See you soon, ARKS.

Bump for refresh! We have new fresh 50 members that joined. Feel free to play with us even if you aren't RPer and want to hang out in Ship 3!