Mini map POS hanging off screen

Can’t believe this is still a thing in June.

We ever going to get this resolved or nah?

Seriously annoying when doing collect quests or any quest where NPCs announce a coordinate to look at.

I know you can stop combat and pull up the big map on top of the screen, but you really shouldn’t have to do that.

This should be a simple X coordinate adjustment and it still hasn’t been done in almost 3 months.

Please fix the map coordinate display on 4K medium and large already.

Still haven’t fixed the broken mini map position on 4K medium and 4K large and it’s been more than 4 months. 😞

The GUI is illegible in small, medium and 4K small on the X1X, so not sure why this hasn’t been addressed yet more than a quarter of a year later.

Also wish they would fix this or allow true1080p resolution on the X1X instead of forcing 4K and downsampling it to 1080p when you choose 1080p resolution on the 1X. At least then the GUI would be positioned correctly.

Was this ever addressed?

There are so many options and settings and I can't find any way to adjust. Don't mean to necro a thread, just can't find an answer in my searches and the MiniMap is still cut off running on the 4k - Middle setting.

@SaintsXIV tbh I haven’t checked in awhile, when I get on in the morning I’ll look and see