Mini map POS hanging off screen

So I’m on a Xbox 1 X and I just noticed that my pos under the mini map is hanging off my screen, I do have the 4K larger text on sadly I can’t see anything with it off, now I did not look yet to see if with it off the pos is right or not but I will, it may be off cuz of the larger text E87ECCDE-D22A-4FF1-AFA3-063DD35DB64A.jpeg

That is...interesting. Would you mind submitting a ticket so we have documentation on this?

Do I do this in game? If so it will be the next time I’m on

I want to confirm that I also have the same issue.

Platform: Xbox One X

Steps to reproduce: Set text size to any of the 4K resolution sizes, change zone to any planet

I submitted a bug report via Xbox I hope that was where I should do it

So I went back and checked it’s the text size that’s as far as I can tell the only thing that moves off screen it just needs to be adjusted on the medium and large 4K text

Here is photos with labels

CCC0A8C9-67E1-415A-A535-311B6F873559.jpeg 0C929746-9A21-4246-8EBF-D544AB3F251B.jpeg B6DCF9ED-85BA-4094-9448-740D1947977C.jpeg

For more reference here is the original screen shots

Small 4K Text full pic 1E56DA60-2A2F-4F66-993B-DCE9F31C8094.jpeg

Medium 4K text full pic 6C1B3ED3-340C-405F-865C-E8A89A57C9DE.jpeg

Large 4K text full pic 0924FF6B-EA20-432E-B31A-BEBBCF8F8C3B.jpeg

is that how you fix it thanks,i was going to report this. hopefully this is fixed afyer the beta cause i need the large text

Having the Same problem myself

This is still a problem after this weeks maintenance.