Weapon Transmutation passes, and full requirements inquiry.

So I've spent this week farming for specific items to add to the compendium list, weapons from the collection folder, as well as a unique badge fifteen star knuckles weapon set that works on my Bouncer. I have a +30 pride of Genbu, that I can't enhance further, and a +30 Millionaire Jamdahal from the collection folder, that I want to use as it's skin, and neither show up as an option. (I actually have two Millionaire Jamdahal knuckles, one to keep one to morph into a skin) Do they both need to be +35, or is this a bug? (In regards to Genbu and Jamdahal)

Any and all help would be appreciated, as I'd like to have those bad a$$ claws, without having to switch off of my Bouncer main, as I also have the boots from the Millionaire set, and love the healing bonuses the set gives. I know a bug question should be in a separate thread, but as I'm pretty sure I'm just doing something wrong, I'd rather place it here in general. Thanks in advance.

If you want to skin a weapon onto another weapon they both have to be +35 unless they've changed it.

@Laep Damn. The weapons from the folder are locked at +30, and I think I have to buy multiples of the Genbu to get them to +35, like I did with the invade sliders, when I was getting it's related fifteen star set from Zig. This is going to take a while then. Thanks for the information, much appreciated.

Edit: it seems that I was wrong about the Millionaire Weapons being locked at +30. That's just what they drop as. Thankfully that is.

@Anarchy-Marine said in Weapon Transmutation passes, and full requirements inquiry.:

(I actually have two Millionaire Jamdahal knuckles, one to keep one to morph into a skin)

Weapon Transmutation doesn't turn the weapon into a separate skin item, rather it just copies its appearance to another weapon with no loss of either weapon, so there isn't a need to have a separate one just for Transmutation.

Well what about camo?

I want katana camo on my sword but it doesn’t show up for swords. Is their a way around this?

The sword variant of the "Leaf in the Autumn Breeze" camo that you can buy for photon boosters looks like a Katana.

Liberate camo I am referring to. I want that camo but I am a Hunter Phantom. So swords is my main weapon always!

@AndrlCh Well, turns out I needed the second one, because I screwed up the enhancement on the first, and its locked in at +30. There's a trick to force it to a +35, but I haven't mastered that yet.

Also if that's the case, why don't they just change the requirements to just be that you need the weapon unlocked in the compendium, still require the 1mil meseta and the pass, and remove the weapon leveling requirements? Because they way it's set up now is a bit of a headache.

@Vexation That's a camo, it affects multiple weapons, where I only want one weapon swapped. That's why there's that transmog option in the enhancement shop. That's also why there are transmutation passes.

@Anarchy-Marine said in Weapon Transmutation passes, and full requirements inquiry.:

@Vexation That's a camo, it affects multiple weapons, where I only want one weapon swapped. That's why there's that transmog option in the enhancement shop. That's also why there are transmutation passes.

What are you talking about? The passes are for the transmutation passes themselves. Did I miss something?

Cosmetic stuff in PSO2 IS a headache, all around.

Transmutation requires a full Transmutation Pass, which can be bought outright for real cash or trade in 150 Aux passes. You can transfer the appearance of one weapon to another so long as both are +35. You can also "attach" a weapon camo by using it instead of a +35 weapon, which means if you have a multi-weapon camo, like the Leaf in Autumn Breeze, but you only want it applied to one weapon, this is how you do that.

As far as turning a sword into a katana, unless you have a camo that does that (like the Autumn) you're stuck. You cannot use a different type of weapon as the base (e.g. can't turn a sword into a katana, or knuckles into wired lance, etc.).

The "Trick" to pushing any weapon past +30 is to "enhance" it using another of that exact weapon. Five of them, actually. Each one "unlocks" another level. I'm not 100% sure as I haven't tested this theory fully but I think if your redundant weapons have also been enhanced high enough you may be able to get more than one level out of them; i.e. if you use a +30 fodder weapon to enhance your +30 target weapon it may bump it up to +32 or +33 rather than just +31 but again I haven't actually tested this yet (didn't want to invest all that into a fodder weapon just to test it).

@zaffy2005 Looks like I need to farm the collection folder then. Watching the special Phantasy Star NGS program that I missed this morning on YouTube first though. Pretty cool dive into the new mechanics. Thanks for the heads up about duplicate items for enhancement.

@Anarchy-Marine Yea, it's one of those in-game mechanics that's really not explained too well in the game. If you use the button to view "Page 2" of the weapon description and check at the bottom it will tell you how "unlocked" that weapon is. You can apply the duplicates at any point while enhancing the weapon from "new" to +35, and that stat at the bottom of the page will tell you how far it's already come in that process.

The whole process is rather tedious and ridiculously complicated for being a purely cosmetic feature. I don't even have a quarter of the Aux passes needed to get the actual pass, and each of my characters has several "fodder" weapons already set and waiting, but with the pass being such a ridiculous grind to get I doubt I'll ever get to use it more than once. Which is (among many, many other reasons) part of why I stopped playing Destiny. Got sick of all the ridiculously resource-intensive "purchases" that far too often would only get thrown out in short order anyway due to planned obsolescence and "power creep." If the transmutation process actually created an account-bound or even character-bound weapon camo that we could take off of an "outdated" weapon and slap onto its replacement that would be awesome but that doesn't seem to be the case.

@zaffy2005 I recommend doing Persona each time he pops up. That's how I got most of mine. I have three complete passes, meaning I can transmute three times, but I honestly don't know if I want to do that more than once at this point. I made a post in the in game suggestion thread about it as a result. Feel free to take a look, and comment your feedback on the idea.

Edit: Getting your classes up to 95 also gives you 70 aux passes for each class as a reward from the title counter. So persona isn't the only way I'm aware of. But yeah, because of those two sources, I was able to get three change passes from the swap shop.

@Anarchy-Marine FYI, gaining multiple level cap when grinding only happens if the material has a level cap of +31 or higher, and only with the 'same item' condition. So, you have a +30 that you've augmented, then you get a drop of the same weapon with a +35 cap, feeding the drop to the base +30 will raise the cap to +35 as a result. You still gain Xp with all the bonuses as well.