My account has been frozen due to "suspicious activity"

This is a very dumb situation I'm in. So, I was trying to connect to a server one day (I've only connected to a server once on PSO2) and all of a sudden it says "Account frozen due to suspicious activity". I've done nothing suspicious! I've tried contacting support and all they said is that they're investigating it. I haven't ever gotten a message back from them. Please Help.

Thanks, TheDuck.

Your account is permanently banned. Any tickets you send will end up with an automated message sent back to you telling you that your account will remain suspended permanently after a "thorough investigation."

You're not the only one affected by this. But SEGA doesn't have a real customer support team, so unfortunately say goodbye to your account because they won't do anything about it.

In any other game you would actually be able to talk to a real human being and possibly get your account unbanned, but not this one. Sorry.

Keep sending tickets, though, because I feel like that's the only way they're ever going to realize they're banning innocent people and losing money because of it. Maybe then they'll finally ACTUALLY investigate these cases instead of sending people low-effort, canned, and quite frankly lazy responses.