Question about a few adv. affixes

I have a question on a few affixes:

How do I increase the glare transfer rate (I can get 50% with 2 copies) and how do I get those affixes (I think Divine Order helps but where)?

If I'm affixing using the same items to get the affix item boost, does rarity affect the boost or does it matter?

How do I make the affix, as an example: EV Precision, EV Might, or so (I see some people with those and want to make too)?

How do I boost the affix for the lesser series? Like going from Lesser Stamina 3 to Lesser Stamina 4 (Vol Soul or Mutation 2. does not work)?

Where did the units with Soul Catalyst drop (there are some on the market and I want to farm that quest)?

Thank you in advance!

@Xaiyeon I'm still learning these new affixes so take this all with a grain of salt, but in general I use the Affixing Assistant to figure out the recipe for things like you listed.

As you mentioned, it looks like Divine Order and Divine Will are the augs that help with transferring Glares. I believe I've gotten Divine Will to drop in the current Christmas UQ (on UH).

AFAIK, rarity doesn't affect the boost you get from using the same item. But the Affix Simulator can show you the bump you'll get from that.

My understanding is that the EV augs come in two variants, e.g. EV Might HP and EV Might PP. You make these by combining the level 5 versions of the respective Lesser Stat augs, e.g. 1 copy of Lesser Might 5 and Lesser HP 5 gives you a 50% chance of making EV Might HP. @AndrlCh helped me think through this awhile back.

I don't see a way to improve the odds of creating Lesser Stamina 4. Looks like 3 copies of Lesser Stamina 3 will give you a 30% chance of making Lesser Stamina 4. And then 3 copies of Lesser Stamina 4 gives you a 100% chance of transferring it onto a new weapon/unit.

Not sure where Soul Catalysts drop, but Endless Rondo had some good stuff prior to Ep 6 so you could check the in-game augment log for that quest. Otherwise you can create it with a 10% chance by combining Apprentice Soul, Elder Soul, Luther Soul, Gemini Soul, and Persona Soul. And if you want this for a weapon it looks like the 14* Lamia Sergam twin machine guns have it as a SAF on the JP visiphone (looks like it comes from an upcoming UQ called Ship Infiltration: Large Enemy Battleship on JP).

Adding to the points Rang Dipkin made.

Divine Will adds +20% bonus to the attempts to inherit Glare type augments. Divine Order adds +30%. Divine Will and Order are only added to weapons, not units.

In ultra hard difficulty, enemies can have special photoner corrupted cores. These augments comes from enemies with such cores.

Photoner corrupted core - white. Enemies with this core have a chance to drop weapons with Divine Will.

alt text

Photoner corrupted core - black. Enemies with this core have a chance to drop weapons with Divine Order. This black core is extremely rare compared to the white one.

alt text

So, in the ultra hard difficulty of the current Christmas UQ, we have a good chance to find these Divine augments. I'm not sure about the Armada UQ (UH).

Risk exploration quests are also ultra hard, so we have a chance to find Divine augments in these quests too. Still please not forget that the easiest place to find these is from personal shops.

On Soul Catalyst, Board series units (Back / Wella Board, Arms / Hanging Board and Legs / Tag Board) usually drops with Soul Catalyst. According to NA Arks Visiphone, these dropped from a limited time quest, Breakthrough Training: Ep1 - 4 (XH). As for now, Bewitched Wood Exploration (XH) has a chance to drop these units (I'm not saying that chance is a practical one).

Lastly, it's going off-topic, but these photoner corrupted cores are not the weak points of the enemies, unlike usual corrupted cores. We have to target the correct weak spots of the enemies, not these photoner corrupted cores. I have been hitting these cores hard until I remembered photoner cores are not weak points while checking out for this post! 😆

@Fiona-Respha Oh wow, I didn't know any of that! Thanks for the info 😄

Oh wow, thank you for the detailed responses @Rang-Dipkin and @Fiona-Respha . Wow so Glare is just a pain then :(, I'll try to make an EV affix then, ty! Not sure if I want to farm bewitched woods; I'll hope we get that extreme quest with crack and veteran's in post ep6 end game added.

@Xaiyeon Glad we could help! But yeah, unfortunately the high-end affixes seem to involve a lot of grinding (e.g. Lesser 1 into Lesser 2, 2 into 3, etc.) and/or rolling the dice on a less than 100% success rate. Just keep in mind that if you affix Augment Guidance (Halloween UQ and hopefully future events) on your main weapon/unit (i.e. not a fodder piece) it'll increase your chances by 5% and there are a couple 45% Augmentation Aid items in the current Mission Pass (believe on the Gold Tier so I'd definitely spend the SG on that this month). Also, from what I've read, it sounds like augment transfer passes and the 4-slot insurance item in the swap shop will be a big help for your end-game unit recipes.

And in case you haven't yet, if you're hunting for Veteran's Resolve it might be worth running Time Attacks on SH and EH until you get "abducted." iirc, your 1st abduction clear on SH will grant you a unit with Veteran's Resolve 1 from a title and then your 1st clear on EH grants a unit with Veteran's Resolve 3.

I ran Harukatan Nightfall Province for the SH abduction and Dark Vestiges for the EH one. And if your friends/alliance don't want to grind TAs, both abductions were solo-able when they first released so it should definitely be feasible with current gear.