Graphics engine confirmed update in February.

Time to get a new pc! Looks like they are updating the old game 1st before ngs comes around.

I don't think they gonna update the engine right away and more they gonna start testing out the new engine, remember this is not just a new graphic this is a overall new engine so it will have problems that will only gonna appear when they start testing out

A bit more details on this. In the announcement, they didn't tell about the actual requirements and they said they'd need some more time to make the final decision on that. So we can probably wait till the actual specs are revealed. Still they clearly said the requirements would be higher than now. Perhaps it's time to plan for a new PC, if needed.

The original announcement (

EDIT: @Jamesmor I personally don't think they'll do some testing before they put the new engine actually to the field. The announcement is not talking about the possibility of the graphic engine update, rather about their schedule of the update.

Unless some serious issue is found in the first CBT of NGS, which will be held just before this update, I think they'll go forward as planned (in JP server, of course).

@Fiona-Respha well is hard to tell without knowing from inside so this is just speculations I do believe they gonna test both engines separated while NGS server and engine is being tested, they gonna make a different run with the servers of PSO2.

But the only ones that know what is gonna be done is Sega so wait and hope.

@Jamesmor Indeed, it's not very productive speculating among players, especially when there's Prologue 1 broadcast today 😄

@Jamesmor On the official website that Fiona linked it pretty much says that the base PSO2 (JP PC version) is getting the engine upgrade in mid february, and that they're still determining the system requirements (which implies that the NGS beta requirements are not the same as the base PSO2 requirements with the engine upgrade, which makes sense since the base PSO2 doesn't have the huge fields and such).