Hello i have question about character?

And what is best race for fashion

What should i make my main?

i have 2 char 1 etoile and 1 phantom

What someone suggest it for me for end games?

@chanhdungphun27 you keep making the same thread over an over again an it confusing me. What exactly are you asking for? If you want a hand feed step by step guide on what race you should play how you should play it an at what level is best place to play it at than ask. But seriously what do you want tell us or stop posting the same thread 5 times a day.

CAST girl is my favorite for fashion, they can wear almost anything fleshies can outside of Mission Pass outfits but I never like those clothes anyways. Their robot parts are super cool but they look beautiful in human clothes too. You also pay less for the CAST version of certain hairstyles like Nightmare and it glows!

I used to play Newman girl and made a new CAST main, that’s how much I love them.

Casts- Can wear most flesh race outfits and all cast parts. Can be made to look either mechanical or flesh-like based on the worn outfit. Cannot wear most older outfits like those from mission pass. Their own body colors affect the colors of certain outfits. Has access to Cast only hairstyles. One caveat is that because they need to always have an arm part and a leg part, you will have a permanently reduced inventory. Lastly, can choose to run or hover when using cast parts.

Dehuman- Has horns that can be hidden when creating the character or through spending a salon pass after initial creation. Is the only race with available heretochromia (different colored eyes). Has exclusive eye textures and an exclusive body paint.

Newman- Has elf ears that can be swapped from short to long without spending any salon passes.

Human- Default human race without any extra bells and whistles.