Yet ANOTHER account suspension 816 Story

Decided to link my microsoft/xbox account to my steam account so I could use the Steam launcher instead. Doing that was a mistake because I got permanently suspended due to illicit activity after a "thorough investigation".

Which ok I can see how they could get some weird account activity because steam decided to restrict my account due to a case with fallout76 charging me for fallout1st after MANY cancellations of it last month. So yeah I could maybe see an excuse there.

But is the sega team this fucking stupid where they would PERMANETLY BAN an account for this?

I'm not holding back any language at this point. It's fucking retarded. Get your shit together sega. Tired of reading these threads. Your customer service has ALWAYS been shit.

oh my god, this exact same thing happened to me just a moment ago. I been playing using the MS client so far, but i decided to use the Steam launcher today because MS gave me a lot of trouble, even completely deleting the game once.

However right after i got notified that my link code was successfully accepted, i couldnt log in again, i got a message saying that they were unable to retrieve my login information.

I tried entering on the MS client and then i got the 816 suspension notice, wich now also appears on the Steam client whenever i try to log in on it 😕

I have sent them a couple of ban appear tickets explaining all of this in detail, but considering the story i have seen around regarding error 816 i don't have high hopes...

Nope, your guys' accounts are banned forever now, no questions asked. For what it's worth, my brother has been in contact with Steam support and they did say they are going to try to investigate the issue on their own. Imagine talking to an actual human being with customer support.

I still don't have high hopes he'll get his account back, though. SEGA is just indiscriminately banning accounts automatically and dealing with tickets by having bots send automated messages to anybody who might have been caught in the crossfire. How ironic.

once you get 816 they won't bother unbanning you. support can't help you as well in this server lmao.

@Sinow Yeah, i been searching around and i havent seen anyone who has gotten their account back after getting hit by hammer no 816 😕

I got a responce from SEGA telling me that they were sorry for my problem, and that thanks for contacting them, and that they would look into my issue but asked me to have patience because the investigation process was complex.

I honestly dont care if they actually end up fixing it or make me wait 2 weeks just to tell me that i have no hope. If this was my JP account i would have been very pissed because i do have hundreeds of hours in that port, thankfully the account that i got banned had less than 8 hours of gameplay, im playing mostly to have a nice looking character ready for NG by now and killing time re watching the story with english dub so no big loss i guess, i allready started over with a new steam account and altmost recovered what little i've lost.

However the really should look into this issue, literally banned just for linking my MS account to my Steam client? wow...