Some thoughts on the new UQ

I've enjoyed what I've played if it so far. The different stages changing between runs us interesting. The new enemy design being very late 80s early 3d graphics is kinda of a nostalgia trip. The two sector three battles I've done have also been refreshingly different and feel like the end bosses of much older games. As always the urgent seems to be quality content.

ive only fought the motherbrain (PSU) style boss once sadly, but ive fought the gundam one a few times now.... just wish i could do more in my own gundam 😞

im really liking the new UQs but those damn lasers PMSL

as for luminmechs.... i love them, not exactly the D/F cell or seed im used to from PSO/PSU but i did see more than a slight resembelance of the good old delsaber... i like it.

are they limited to UQs or willthey be coming as stadard enemies as ep 6 continues?

@captain-codpiece the mechs appear during episode 6 as standard enemies

I like the concept on the stage changing during the quest keeps you on your toes plus a great way for medal grinding ngl.

Turns out there are two Phase 2 and two Phase 3 runs, making a total of five different instances in this multi-stage UQ.

I'm not sure if the alternate phase 2 and 3 are random or certain conditions need to be met to get certain ones, we will see as people keep running this UQ that involves wiping out rejects from Tron.

@LazerRay There's 8 total different combinations. Each sector has 2 different variants and they're fully random, but each time you run it during the Urgent Quest, it will be the same. So if sector 2 is the one where you start on different sides of the ship, everyone has that same sector 2 in that urgent quest. No conditions, it's just random.

I just found out about the second Phase 1, making 6 different scenarios that can be combined multiple ways.

  • Phase 1 = Rescue captured ship or Recover damaged ship

  • Phase 2 = Board enemy ship from an ARKS ship or Be dropped directly on one

  • Phase 3 = Space battle in the AIS or Boss battle with a mech the lander rams into

Also phases 1 and 2 can be repeated if you are fast enough, but it makes it tricky to hit phase 3 in time, which can only be done once.

Phase 3 lasts for 20 minutes so you don't have to worry about getting to it on time.

Do not disband to do sector 3 at :20

New favorite urgent quest, it definitely helps that I am a mecha fan though

We appreciate your thoughts on the new Urgent Quest guys! As much as we appreciate you all 🤘

Not big fan of stage 3 AIS fight boss tbh. All you have to do is laser the shield off than just spam that photon shield counter skill until it dies. That new shield skill the AIS has is stupidly OP an basically let you just ignore all the boss's mechanics.

Since you're taking thoughts, why not extend the timer by a minute or two? Xbox players are potentially ruining the chances of 3 runs in one phase.

I gonna say that I love the AIS Vega fight boss, doesn't help that I'm pretty good using AIS and I counter all the boss attacks still the best part is the soundtrack and I doubt someone will disagree with that

@Jamesmor not really hard to counter the bosses attack you just spam your machine gun while boss isn't attacking than just hold down the photon shield while he is attacking. An not hard to predict when he'll attack since any time he attacks he glows red. It unchallenging an stupid if you ask me. Beside that the rest of the UQ pretty good.