So am I just permanently locked out of this game after paying for premium?

I came back to the game after a break for a few months. Decided to spring for premium, too. Then I logged out and went to bed. Next morning I go to log in and the game won't launch. This happened a long while back and I had to download the entire game and re-install to fix it. Back when I first installed the game it just erased itself with no warning and I had to download the entire thing again. And when I used the tweaker and did a file check it wiped itself that time, too.

So being faced with having to restart the several day long process yet again, I gave up and uninstalled the game. I didn't have the patience to wait yet again for a game that randomly decides to commit seppuku.

Well, after a week or so I got bored. And I knew there was a steam version out, so I went ahead and let my internet die for a few days to download the entire game one more time. Finally finished it, game launched, ready to put in my info to play on my account ...

... and I need a link code generated by the windows 10 version of the game to link it? Are you kidding me? I'm being expected to download the entire game and install it AGAIN just to get a link code?

PLEASE tell me this is not the busted state this game is in without a fix and there is some way to access my account without devoting another three entire days to having no internet to download a version I only need to get to the login screen for a single code.

Unfortunately, the linking of an MS account to the Steam version is that clunky, and you must have both versions installed to get the code since it is only valid for like 15 minutes.

That said, I believe that arks-layer's Tweaker can allow you to use the same single install of the game to switch between the MS and Steam versions (whether just for the link code or to be able to collect Game Pass Perks), though I'm not sure how the setup of it works.

I was unaware of this functionality. I'll see what I can do with it. Thank you.

  |- File integrity check - NO FIX
  |- Re-download EXEs - NO FIX
  Download steam version start.
   |- Download corrupt - RESTART
   Downloading ...
   Game downloaded.  Login FAIL - Require MS account to link to steam.
    |- Rage on forums.
     |- Made aware of version swap.
      |- 8 hours later after running file checks and dealing with slow computer garbage.
       |- MS Install SUCCESS
       |- Account Link SUCCESS
       |- Steam Login SUCCESS
        |- FAIL - Stuck at "loading tunnel" after choosing character.  < - I am here.  
                       MS version does this, too, now.

So ... yeah. The game will not load, now. Just an endless tunnel after clicking login ... is there a known fix for this issue? ... ugh ...

( EDIT - Wow that's ugly. I guess I can't use any special formatting on my post. Guess I'll put it under code tags and totally nerd it. )

The few times that I have had that issue, a file check or a DNS flush has usually fixed it, but I can't guarantee that either will work.

Ran the file check. 25 files missing and downloaded.

Still stuck.

At this point I have zero faith but I'll try a flush.

OK can somebody point me towards a place I can go to get this figured out? I have 550 hours invested into this game and it will not run now. It's not loading, just stuck in the loading tunnel. Am I going to have to download this entire game AGAIN? It takes two and a half days to download this game on my connection. I have had to re download this game five times now over the past five months. That's a total of 12 and a half days worth of having no internet and 350 GB of trash data.

Well I devoted another day to downloading the game a sixth time and re-installed it/fixed permissions/verified files, and the game is still stuck on the loading tunnel.

Due to a complete lack of finding a fix anywhere I'm going to assume I just wasted my money and microsoft gets to take my money and not give me anything in return. Nice.

I'll probably be back to trying to install this game in a few months because I have absolutely no other games to play right now, but this is an absolute joke. Uninstalling and quitting for now. 500+ hours in the toilet due to an error that came out of nowhere. Best programming ever.