Trade problem

Anyone know whats going on with the trade section ? And when it will be fixed my girl and i just bought the tickets for premium this Saturday and know i see its down. Are we getting anything for this set back? We spent three days grinding for 18 mil to get the sol bad guy out fit felt if we both got premium and sold stuff we would get there faster and we did happy news:D but just as we are grinding to get her an outfit this happens. Shop works but i don't want some one buying the item im trying to give her, i literally put up gothic furniture for her to get a 1 second later someone got there before her so no. I wont put it cheap so it can happen again

If trading isn't working, you can use the Photon Capsule Machine and just put the item you want to give them in the machine in your personal quarters. Items marked with the 🚫 are not tradable. (This doesn't mean they cannot be put on shops. The Photon Capsule Machine counts as a shop.)

Um i. Checked twitter trades currently down due to trade abuse to put it simply