sub Solid Barriers

Got Solid Barriers from the new UQ. How are these different from regular units for arm, leg, back?

Sub units basically can be worn on any slot, but cannot run Timed Abilities or extensions.

The reason these Solid Barrier 11* units were added was actually to prevent Deo weapons from overwriting low rarity units. In quests where you have a loot crystal at the end that would drop a bunch of items that the mob would have dropped in the middle of the quest, there was a limit to how many items that could come out, so higher rarity tended to take priority -- causing low rarity units to get deleted in this. So 11* Solid Barrier units existing makes it easier to get unit fodders from running EP6 UH Content. They aren't really good units to actually use other than that.

This also makes it easier to get the same name bonus when making fodders, too, giving a multiplicative boost to affix chances.

@Theuberclips Thanks for clearing that up!