More Private Quarters Layouts?

Been a good long while since I posted anything on here so, apologies if this was already suggested. I feel like we should get more layouts as to how many furniture and themes we got. It'd help people buy more furniture off the market, save storage, and we can have a layout for every holiday there is or if we want a spring/summer/fall/winter layout.

I agree with this. Would be interesting if there was a way to implement multiple floors for the quarters too (or potential player buffs). Also was thinking about how it would feel a little but more immersive if players were given the option to start in your personal quarters when you log in.

@mbthorn89 Honestly, same for all of it. Having player buff furniture and multiple floors could be a thing for New Genesis as well so, maybe they'll use that as an experimentation? For choosing where you spawn when you login, that'd severely help with those that wind up in a busy block, but in like the café so they don't have to deal with as much lag.