gold sellers vs sega

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Think rmg here bad try bdo rng 3 months of grinding for a 3% chance to upgrade one piece of your gear. An one level difference in gear is difference of being one shot or being the person one shotting. Sure affix here aids but not like 600 extra attack will make more than a 15% difference in your damage output.

Its so easy to make money in this game, you aint trying hard enough. Also, enjoy that banhammer.

Sorry that you're having trouble with RNG sweetie, but this really isn't a game where you need to RMT to be relevant and this is coming from someone who RMTs heavily on other games. On ArcheAge I made the first mythic ayanad weapon on my server, which when considering all the odds involved was (1/49) * 0.2 * 0.15 * .025, and I was swiping prolifically on there both buying and selling gold and I STILL didn't ever expect to get as lucky as I had gotten.


This game is not archeage, it's not like any of those games where RMT is so heavily tied to it. There's no difficult content in the first place or PVP where you get to use your gear. When you look at the silly little RNG rates you're talking about in this game, it's not even remotely bad and you can do things in a smart way that reduces the risk of losing good affixes.

If you're seriously RMTing in this game you're actually pathetic and you'll never get good at the game in the first place to make any of your RMTed affixes, which you could get easily anyways, worthwhile. Seethe harder loser, I can tell you're pissed lmfao

Sega should really bow to the whims of someone frustrated enough to even think about making a post like this, let alone actually doing it lol

I wouldn't buy from gold sellers, but I agree that sega doesn't deserve a cent for this game. But I like the generic "look at game X it is even worse" defense. People who played JP and now play the same cashgrab on US have accepted mediocrity a long time ago and I envy them for their low standards (no sarcasm).

@Yui2387 do you have a better example than look at game X? Sure should company should always improve it service an never make it worse but won't know what to do if you don't look at X first.

Yes. Instead of naming a trash game that has even worse mechanics you could just name a better one. If people are fine with pso2 because they have played worse games in their life - fine. I have played so many good games with better systems in place in terms of montarization, itemization, graphics, endgame, community etc.etc. that i cannot recommend this game to anyone. So the only explanation I have for the white knighting of pso2 is that people never played any of the top mmos/multiplayer games out there. BTT: ever since the pc version was released there were tons of bots aggressively spamming and neither sega nor the people responsible for the US version did anything to fix that. Now we have hyper inflation and lots of players left (my server, guild and friendslist is dead). Everything went exactly as predicted on my part and ive moved on months ago. However I can still get some enjoyment out of this forum because of all the clueless people.

@Yui2387 wait but that still say X in this cause. Sure not say X is worse but will still using X. An in that case it opinion in which my opinion is that I personally dislike that system an idea.

I have no idea what I just read but I will say that it is not about opinion. Pso2 is objectively bad in lots of key areas and it is not a "my taste vs. your taste" thing. Funnily enough, if I have learnt only one thing about games where you can only communicate with some sort of third party (not talking about community managers and such more about the "dev is in JP, our version is handled by a different party") is that there will never be an open ear towards the community and any hope for needed changes. The US version was meant to be a cashgrab and publicity for NG thanks to MS - nothing more nothing less. What can you expect from such a game?

@Yui2387 opinion is exactly what game mechanic are. Game mechanics don't have one size fits all. For instance I personally think Genshin impact is just a lazy hack n slash game with massive gotcha cash shop. While my friend loves the game everything about it an can't understand why I won't touch it with a 20 foot pole. While at the same time my friend thinks my favorite game right now Satisfactory is a boring pointless time wasting game were you just build to produce more items so you can just build more.

An while yes I agree so far NA feels a bit like a lazy cash grab rush job. But that not just because NG it also because they want to catch our version of pso2 up to the JP version. As for NG my opinion is the devs have no idea if that game will succeed thus the reason there linking pso2 with it so they have something to fall back on.

@Aquila-ibis said in gold sellers vs sega:

As for NG my opinion is the devs have no idea if that game will succeed thus the reason there linking pso2 with it so they have something to fall back on.

That's not at all how they're viewing NGS. They're expecting it to succeed and be the next 10 years of the game. They're linking it to base PSO2 so they don't alienate the people who collected cosmetics for the better part of the last decade and additionally so they probably don't have to worry about renegotiating contracts for cross overs since they're treating it as an expansion to the game.

@Laep or that what they what us to believe. Simply put from business prospective PSO NG is a new beast SEGA never tried before they most likely have no idea f it will be successful if they were 100% confident in it success they wouldn't be playing it safe by linking it to PSO2 so closely to NG and saying they'll be working on both titles. An from business prospective yes they want you to think they plan on making it succeed cause simply put if a developer can't show confidence in their game than the consumer sure hell won't either.

I have not doubt that SEGA wants PSO NG to succeed and their plan is for it too succeed cause after all why bother with the project at all if you don't want it to succeed. But IMO I don't think SEGA 100% confident that PSO NG will succeed my opinion is there going to release the game get feed back, and determine than if it a project worth investing more time and money into or it a boat full of wholes and they should bale out back to PSO2.

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