Why are we having to wait this long for these upgrades from Zig when there are better units already available? I'm about ready to just say fuck it and affix another pair of units, cause apparently these affixed Cleasis units I have are just gonna sit here. Schvelle were the first 13* units on JP. Why are they NOT part of the first units we can get on NA? Makes no sense whatsoever.

Yes I'm mad.

You're right, it makes absolutely no sense not to include it. I think they simply just forgot and will add it in the next patch, so just wait a bit more.

I am also a little frustrated, because I am just simply not getting enough material to upgrade any other units. I am sitting with only 8 ultimate boosters nothing I do seems to drop them, so Schvelle is really my only chance to get a 13*.

Sega... please...


the ultimate booster exchange... dont send me back... to ult naverius...

@sieya You can buy novel with weapon badge 5. It's pp sucks, but it's a 13*.

i actually got a superior schevelle arm piece to the cleasis that i was using by running the reccomended quest the other day... just hoping for the rest of the set 🙂 i didnt sink a lot into my affix so the drop upgrade was very much a bonus.

Doing a decent affix on 13 star units is comparably cheaper than on 12s and much less complicated. So if you feel compelled to get new units you won't need to expend as much effort on them.