Mission Badges, What are They?

I'm really confused on these mission badges and the whole swap shop thing. I tried to look it up myself but weapon badges pop up instead and I don't see anything with anyone asking a similar question to mine (I saw one on the forum but seemed unanswered).

Can anyone explain what they are and how to get them?

I know the yearly weapon badges are gotten from high end content, such as urgent, emergency and certain level-up quests.

Swap shop is the recycle shop. Use that to recycle 10* weapons and units, among other things. Probably won't use it until you see plenty of those. But it is a blessing to have it when storage starts to fill up. Not sure about mission badges.

Try visiting Badge and Memory Exchanger Nanon, on the second floor of the Shopping Plaza You may be able to use them there.

You have to spend them at the Mission Pass Swap Shop, you have to go talk to Kameo to access it. You get the Mission Badges from the mission pass.

@SirDoodlesAlot said in Mission Badges, What are They?:

You have to spend them at the Mission Pass Swap Shop, you have to go talk to Kameo to access it.

Ah, thank you!

Thanks everyone for the replies! I saw Kameo but I'm just confused on how I get these mission badges. I did see the girl who spoke about weapon badges. All I see is

"Can acquired products by handing over items from inventory. When handing over more items than you need, you can acquire more than one of certain products."

I'm not sure what that means, when I click on an item it says

"You don't have a target item for exchange."

Make sure you have the right badge and amount of badges to trade in, and it has to be in your inventory.

@Ranmaru I know I don't have the right badge, I was wondering if it would give an explanation on how to obtain them though if I tried to purchase >.< but it didn't.

You get Mission Badges from the Mission Pass and you get Unique Weapon Bagdes from urgent quests. I also have Rising Weapon badges but I have no idea where I got those.

@SirDoodlesAlot Ah... I feel so dumb because I was reading this before and don't think I even registered what I was actually reading now =_="

Thanks a lot! I'll look into mission passes now ^-^

They don't really explain how to find things. Best bet is to use the quest log > item log for the areas you have been to, and see how much times an item dropped for you there.

Main Quests > Expeditions > Forest Exploration > Normal > View Quest Log > Item Log. (This would be one example)

@Ranmaru I didn't know you could do that. Thanks! 😄

You are very welcome, anytime!

I see at the badge exchanger a few different options but I didn't see one for the regular "mission badge". Is there and I'm missing it?

I see the option for "unique" and "rising weapon" just not the standard unamed "mission badge"