Exquisite Critical Parfait / Sweets in General

I felt this topic should get a bump/update given the the new shop additions. While its definitely a step up, there is one notable problem and that is the class is rather reliant on the Exquisite Critical Parfait. At the moment, it rarely drops from the Christmas UQ along with an ungodly amount of eggs and other parfaits that hardly anyone uses. Which is fine and dandy. Except that in JP, they had the option to also purchase this parfait with badges prior to Vulcan to being released. Vulcan more or less requires the Exquisite Critical Parfait due to its nature. Vulcan is also key to being able to survive some of the new content as summoner. So I understand that the order of released content is being streamlined (you can see this in the reduction of currencies being used and or added), but some items really require others. And one such case is the Exquisite Critical Parfait. Its not an understatement to declare it as a staple of the class, not unlike the Support Roll (which is a whole other can of worms). I saw someone previously suggest something similar to the Zieg trade-ins except for sweets and that's a wonderful idea. But at a minimum, would it be possible to add this particular parfait to the badge vendors? It's already in the badge vendors in JP and the bonuses it provides to all pets is quite important for ep6 summoner viability.

Thank you for your time.

Thank you for sharing this feedback! I'll pass it along to the team.

Thank you! I just hope it's something that gets addressed. The re-ordering of content in the release blitzkrieg mixed up some stuff thats kind of important. I'm sure summoner isnt the only class that was hit in this manner, but as it's what I play the most, it's the one I'm most comfortable addressing.

If we get Special Breakthrough Episode 5 (which, I know its weird, but this is actually EP6 content) crit parfait comes from that as well.

But yeah it is a bit concerning because this parfait is very core until you have insane gear. And even then you need it on vulcan.

Also Support Rolls, where are the Support Rolls? For months I've been waiting for you to add a reliable source of them, and I have to say I'm getting very impatient. Please add them to the Weapon Badge shop or something ASAP.

i can confirm that it is indeed a really really really rare drop havent heard of anybody dropping one in my alliance - wich youll want on most if not all of your pets....some content requires you to run multiple pets to be effective (like masq) so making these much needed parfaits ultra rare at such a fast pace of new content is kindaaa bad...also the spirited parfait (pretty old one) is missing and theres still no way we can get those