Good units that give extra PP and HP?

I'm a casual player but i'm starting to realise how important units might be, are there any higher end unit recommendations that can give me extra PP and HP?

I use sub / weapon barrier on low level classes and when i get 400 DEX, i change to sub / stella wall until 500 DEX which is when i change to Phobos set and now with rising weapon badge 5, you can buy the novel set, which you can use at 560 DEX. They all give HP and PP.

It might be a little harder to survive since the enemies hit hard when you do higher level things when leveling to get enough DEX to use better units, but personally i didn't have much difficulty. I think i got most of these from doing story, which i then saved for later. I don't know if you have done any of the story or if you failed to save them, but if you didn't save them, i'm sure there is some other way to get them again.

@lunartear Is there a certain difficulty or quest-type that you have in mind? For example, the new Ultra Hard difficulty introduced enemies with higher damage multipliers and I didn't realize how important having damage resistance would be, in addition to raw HP. Anamana has a video that gives some rough numbers to guide decision making if you're interested. You can also look through the stats on either the JP or global visiphone if you want to find what's best from the gear you have in your inventory (don't believe HP or PP are shown on in-game stats).

If you're short on resources (meseta, Rising Weapon Badge 4s/5s, and Buster Medals), I'd look into Yggranya's suggestions as well as the Brissa set if you're leveling in the 50-70 range.

For higher-end units I'd definitely run the current Limited Quest 9 times to get the full 12* Ofze- set from the ongoing campaign. Wearing the back and arms together gives a set bonus that bumps them up past what you see on the visiphone site. This event also caused the price of these units to plummet so you may be able to afford equipping multiple characters with this set. Otherwise, I imagine that Cleasis units have dropped in price substantially as well and pairing an Ofze- back and arms with Cleasis legs was what I was using until recently.

You can also get some of the new 13* units from the Tokyo Rainbow Key we were given. I hear Level 80 gives you the max EXP boost so you may want to wait until then to ensure your drops are also at max rarity. I got a few Schvelle units from my key (13* upgrade to Cleasis) and I believe that's fairly common. I've also gotten a 13* unit from the new daily Recommended Quest (4th/bottom one) when it's a day that has UH difficulty as an option.