using shop removes my interface?

I have been using the shop all day today with no problems. Then i came across 2 shops that mess up the interface when i try to purchase a certain item. The shop owners are Sorena and Pn 6657943689 ship one. They both have a trailblazer back unit with 7 slots. one for 15mil the other for 14mil. I though wow what a deal ill buy one. But as son as i click on either one in either shop and click purchase all my interface freaks out. i cant cancel it and i cant back out of the shop. The buttons for closing the shop vanish and the only way to fix it is to force close the game and restart it. I have tried multiple times and it keep happening. Is something fishy going on with these 2 peoples shops? Are they dupes or something? Cuz i have no problem with any other shops or items on those 2.

I think I know what causes this. Have you resized any in-game windows by any chance? I have made a post about it, you can find it here:

The solution is simple: go to settings and "initialize all window display sizes and positions".