Personal shop prices are way to high

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this seems well more effort than "average". I do weeklies, sometimes, on one character, any daily order above 100k , and I don't really bother with gathering for Yerkes cause the crafting/gathering systems in this game blow. I don't play this game for hours and hours and hours, at a time, I pop in for UQ's, but beyond that, there is much to do especially below level cap. This game is seriously lacking what I'd call and end-game, it's really light on mid-game too.

The lacking of content and the lack of a "mid-game" is not until you reach Level 85/85 at minimum to actually participate in Ultra Hard. You might consider this the hardest difficulty in the game but this is also where Episode 6 is centered if you really wanted to get the player experience that Sega was intending if you wanted anything close to rewarding or a challenge. On top of this getting access to things like the profitable affixes you can sell on the Player Shop largely come from highly repeatable and accessible Trigger Quests (which are significantly easier to come by on global than it is in the Japanese version) so the global version's content skews more towards players who already have the abundance of resources (which isn't hard to make or come by even for casual players) simply splurging on Trigger Quests to do the grinding.

The end-game is undoubtedly through high-speed runs of things like Time Attacks, running through and completing the Endless Quests (where you are tested not only as a player but also on your gear/class combinations), the solo Ultimate Quests, and later in the Japanese version the new Extreme Quest that pits you against the most aggressive bosses that the game has introduced from Episodes 5 and 6 (with the difficulty and rewards rising as you do better).

If you have not yet hit Level 75/75 to enter Extra Hard for most quests you unfortunately aren't anywhere near the "mid game" as each successive Episode pushed things further and further so newer players have to catchup for slightly longer. However, even new players have it easy when Sega is so willing to fast-forward players to Ultra Hard where the "mid game" currently exists. It may seem like a lot of effort to you but a lot of the "average" playerbase already has accomplished a lot of this or are on their way to doing this. Hitting Level 50 at minimum to coast on multiple characters is an excessively easy way to make Meseta in this game and knowing what sells in terms of affixes and resources definitely gives an edge before you even start jumping into the fashion investment (to which you can easily buy some of the cheaper outfits and cosmetics from current scratches and wait months from now when they are no longer under circulation to sell them and reap huge profits. I know of players who were able to make 100,000,000+ Meseta on singular costumes alone because they were done with that costume and were ready to part ways with it).

Without the knowledge and the means to know where you should be going the game starts very slow especially if you try to play through and "enjoy" the content that currently exists but due to the nature of this game (and the global version's fast-forwarding) you will be missing even more content by not reaching the mid-game where everyone else is (the Level 75-85 range). As far as I know it, the actual end-game requires a sort of specialization that most players will not bother with so it ends up being something that very few people can accomplish and attain as reaching it gives you rewards (such as a means of plentiful and consistent Star Gems).

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@JuggernautGTX would take that over players who think they should get premium items for playing for 5 minutes a day.

you CAN get them for playing 5 minutes a day though lol

@LEJONARDO As a Free 2 play player I don't have any issue with the market prices, each items has their own value depending the amount of peoples need.

You can abuse it to stonk really hard if you know how to play the marketplace. 😳

@N00bie666 ok maybe 5 minutes a week, lol.

so the gist of this is there is no "average" player of pso2, your either all in balls to wall or you're trash. fun.

@VanillaLucia by "mid game", I meant while leveling, there is nothing to do.

@Omae-Wa-Mou-Shindeiru Not trash, but players don't get to demand prices to go down.

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@Omae-Wa-Mou-Shindeiru Not trash, but players don't get to demand prices to go down.

Literary this. If someone want the price down, then do it yourself, otherwise you get no voice in how someone priced their cash items and sell it for "free" to everyone else

@Omae-Wa-Mou-Shindeiru Unfortunately leveling is not this game's "mid-game" as that is something Sega pushes players to do to get to the mid-game (which is currently where Ultra Hard is). The average player you are describing is already in the midst of this or has already moved on to the mid-game where the bulk of the content is. If you already have passed Level 50, then much of the game's content (and methods of making Meseta) are accessible as Levels 1-75 (which has been pushed to effectively 1-85) behave more as a tutorial and "beginning" part of the game.