Personal shop prices are way to high

@Aquila-ibis what insult? only one insulting is you calling everyone who disagree a troll

@HarmlessSyan i fat fingered an press on wrong name. Fix the comment just now.


I don't see how anything I posted is me even attempting to brag. So calling it a dick measuring competition doesn't fit. I even directly touched on your idea of a cap even though you continue to say that I and others are ignoring your discussion of a cap. Even if my behavior is abrasive you're choosing to focus on that alone as a reason to ignore any of the actual parts of my posts.

But i'll try one final time even though I know you're just going to find some way to write off the logic/criticism in my posts on the subject.

To put it bluntly because price isn't capped this benefits the market. This is because if people see how popular an item is or might be they will drop a lot of money for pulls. Similarly those who actively play the market will snipe prices to horde for when the ticket goes. Once people establish a baseline on the product people will try to wiggle around that price.

If a popular item mostly dries up leaving only a few left at the time this might cause the person to drop their price in order to get it sold. If said price is still high when that happens others might put up the item to try and make around that much as well. Thus re stimulating that market for that item.

However, if every item is only sellable up to a low cap of meseta there will not be as many people making pulls on tickets. Items will likely die in a much shorter time on the market as there's no profit to be made. You won't see "oh this person sold an item for 8m which is only 2m under the cap. I should flood the market with that item." Basically put capping kills the supply and demand. And you can't accurately place a cap because the value of meseta isn't static. (Which I and others have tried to point out already.) 10m is chump change if you're playing regularly and use all 3 free character slots. Even if you didn't I regularly make 2-4 mill a day just doing dailies and playing EQ's level up quests, etc when farming just for my main.

Setting a low and easily obtainable cap is only harmful in the long run. And setting a "high" cap is just going to have people keeping items high because that's the bar they'd have to make in order to regularly break even on sales. Since not everyone who plays the market spends actual money.


I'm vaguely aware that the problem JP has essentially comes from stuff that's related to affixing that we will get some of soon. However I don't think Global will ever hit that point because the general attitude of Global is more of a casual audience. I don't even think there are a significant amount of people who use a ton of alts for farms. People are not fond of the affixing system. JP is frankly different culture wise and is willing to put up with and min max that stuff. That's why Mobile/gaccha games are incredibly popular there.

I could be wrong of course, but I really doubt we're going to see items going for trillions let alone billions on Global. I'd be surprised of millions becoming the standard for regular items like Aquila is trying to make a case for.

@Knight-Raime an I've already told I've stop caring about your post cause you've dismissed my comment about price cap with your first one saying I'm just ragey. An because all your post after that have just be attempt to start dick measurring contest with you insulting me. So if you did finally touch on my comment I really don't care cause you've shown me you don't want a discussion you just want to start a shit feast in a public forum for no reason.


You've cared enough to continue to respond. Throwing just as much shade as i'm supposedly giving you. I told you you'd simply write off the discussion yet again. So i'm done attempting. You're clearly projecting and i've just wasted my time.

@Knight-Raime I've haven't insult you once just restated the same thing over an over again.

@Knight-Raime I think global is on it's way up. I played it in June-July and recycle badges were only 100-150k at a time where getting 13* was a rare event. Although affixing is expensive but so is fashion - hence the meme that fashion is the true end game. Not rare for AC scratch items from the past that you can't obtain anymore to be high in price. With money printing ARKS mission/Yerkes and daily orders feeding meseta into the economy, inflation is only going way up once 13* 14* becomes junk drops that you just excube/grinder them


Oh don't get me wrong I do think the average price is going to go up for a lot of things. I just don't think it will get as excessive as JP's situation.

@Aquila-ibis and here you go, my main chara Weiss (well apparently images too big for forums and I'm too lazy to convert them to jpg, so please settle for imgur)

You can see my current meseta now, just merely attending the urgent I gained another 4mil+ compared to the previous screenshot. This is only doing the urgent quest twice and I usually get 3 runs in, I was just late on start this time. No card swiping, just doing in game content that will be coming soon to global.

And currently on the front page of the forum, someone with half a billion meseta asking what to do with it, and this thread is back in August getting 1 billion back then on NA/Global. Or affixes getting sold for 200m+ back in August

@HarmlessSyan an what average price for AC item now on JP last I checked it was 100+m for items actually in rotation. Sure could make 10m a week from weeklies but than take 10 weeks to buy one AC item by than the item will have fallen out of rotation an be higher in price. A price cap will stop the buy low sell high BS going on an prevent inflation from making AC items unobtainable to F2P players. An that point devs should also improve in game money sink cause beside affixing there literally no money sink in game. An if you use transfer passes you only need to affix your gear once than just transfer the augments between new better gear. Which is basically what I do right now.

Also that person has that much cause he sold the air plane emote for 500m. Since he a returning player he most likely had it when he left an just sold in for stupid amount since that also sells for 500m now.

@Aquila-ibis depending on what item, whether it is popular or not. Recycle badges is a good measurement of the low end of AC scratch item price and is currently at 1.7m. You can be paying 1.7m for a unpopular cosmetic item or yes 100m+ rare lobby actions.

@captain-codpiece i have heard that stuff in the AC scratch tickets are being removed entirely? and theres going to be a "new system of getting outfits" in NG...well know more on 19th dec

@Aquila-ibis said in Personal shop prices are way to high:

@HarmlessSyan but basically is unobtainable your telling me you have 500m right now sitting around on your account? From in game chat I've had with people I only know one other person beside me sitting over 100m an about 80% of the people I've talk to only have about 10-20m.

I dont want to brag or measure anything. But:

I dont know to what people you have talked...but they sure must be very new to this game. I am sitting on 550m and did literally nothing for it. I just save the money and dont pay like 40m for a silly dance emote or any shenanigans like that. Therefor i dont mind the prices in PS or cry about it in a public forum....

If people think I don't understand that is okay but what is bothering me is that the inflation in the game is as real and the risk is to we are looking at the same thing that is happening in real life in the usa and many more countries have had a big economic crisis before and it is happening in games to think a bit and see between the lines from time to time and you will see the dark truth of money addiction and gaming addiction as well