Personal shop prices are way to high

@VolosatoeSteklo excuse me? all of MY whining?

YOU are the onne going on about how being a WHALE is fine if you are employed and have money to spend. (your words not mine)

i already said i am HAPPY to buy outfits DIRECTLY FROM SEGA FOR REAL MONEY, and have done with the packs available. i do not see an issue with the player market and scaratch tickets, it is a model that workd for sega and the player base is fine with it. the only modification that I would like would be a specific outfit pack (like what is offered in the character DLC packs or fresh finds shop for SG, and I have NO ISSUE buying these packs or SG if there is a set i want BTW) rather than dumping excessive ammounts of cash via AC on a lottery for an outfit (outer, base, inner in same colour, accessories and hair) that by the laws of chance i am going to have MANY more duplictes and excess items that i dont like, that you are saying i should not be to sell to other players in the player shop.

you come off as sounding like you are proud to have no other ties in life that you are happy to sink all of your spare cash into waifu fashion on a game that is being phased into an updated version in a few months.... but then i bet you are one of those Gunpla CASTs, running around like a gundam PMSL.

@HarmlessSyan sure cap would cause supple to be bought up faster but that doesn't mean the supple will increase once something falls out of rotation. An letting the item be sold for 100 trillion meseta on the market won't change that. All it will do is make the item unobtainable to 99% of the game's playerbase.

For instance take the wagging tail I've sold enough meseta worth of those things that in game currency a joke to me 10 mil ya not even 1% of my in game account bank. But now the remaining I do have for sale just sit there forever not being bought cause no one going to spend 500m on a single item right now no matter how badly they want it. An than this bring into the issue of buying low an selling high as well. I literally bought 20 of these items when they were going for 6m an have sold 6 for 100m 2 for 150m and 3 for 250m. An honestly it stupid cause that item will never fall back into rotation thus I can literally sell it for any price I want an since I am a greedy ass in the end of the day I currently have one listed for 500m.

So really all putting a cap would do would stop the BS on AC items of buying low to sell it high later. An actually make the item more obtainable while it is floating around in shops still. Unlike what we have now were few extremely rich fucks like me buy out everything an than flip it for stupid amounts of meseta literally bankrupting anyone that didn't start the game when it first launched. Cause simply put unless I decide I want to lower the price of the wagging tail as it stands right now for 99% of the playerbase it may as well be completely sold out and out of rotation already.

Once AC item goes out of rotation, no new supply can be generated and you are left with the ones that players currently have on hand until a revival that may or may not come.

Using your wagging tail as an example - You bought a bunch for 6m? You still have one listed at 500m even though no one is probably going to pay for it that much but the fact that it is there means it is still obtainable if someone wants it that desperately. If they capped it at 10m - all of it would have probably been bought out by now and it would be truly unobtainable.

Accessories will always be more expensive because it’s a consumable, just like popular basewear goes up in price. Outerwear and outfits you can usually find close to the same price months later. Even FUN scratch accessories have this problem if the item was popular. I missed out on socks, had to spend 13m on a FUN scratch item because you couldn’t get it anymore.

@Milk said in Personal shop prices are way to high:

Accessories will always be more expensive because it’s a consumable, just like popular basewear goes up in price. Outerwear and outfits you can usually find close to the same price months later. Even FUN scratch accessories have this problem if the item was popular. I missed out on socks, had to spend 13m on a FUN scratch item because you couldn’t get it anymore.

Ok but like that hasn't always been the case, and I usually see them sell for more than the usable pieces of layering wears that were released at the same exact time. Granted only a few million more, but still a higher price than the rest of the items excluding hair and eyes usually. I remember when the most any cosmetic that's been out a few days would be was 7m back when people still needed to buy nemesis and raven weapons. Now one of the layering wear pieces can cost around 10m, while an accessory will cost 13 or 14m.


If you can't handle a small jab that was nothing more than an off handed observation then you don't belong on the internet.

I didn't ignore your post. I explained why prices were/are what they are. Scrolling down further you supposedly expected people to dispel why your idea of a cap is bad.

I really doubt that's been your intent of discussion this entire time. But even if it was you didn't convey that at all. So it's hardly my or others faults.

But if you want to hand wave any legitimate discussions simply because they're not on your terms then I'll do us both a favor and just ignore you.

@Knight-Raime says the troll. Guess you just want me to block you cause all you want to do is ignore my post an insult me and try start dick measurring contest in public forum cause why? You have nothing better to do? Maybe grow up kid I'll actually care what you have to say than.

@HarmlessSyan but basically is unobtainable your telling me you have 500m right now sitting around on your account? From in game chat I've had with people I only know one other person beside me sitting over 100m an about 80% of the people I've talk to only have about 10-20m.

@Aquila-ibis pso2m.png

This is after burning over 500mil on the last affix week. There also has been several bragging threads of people having over 1 billion

@HarmlessSyan you post an image of a JP account on NA forum. Cause ya not like it hard to get that much on JP you just have to swipe once an sell 1 AC item for 10 trill. Guess your just another troll. An even than how I'm even suppose to know this is your account? You could just pulled that image off google.


And i'm sure your small sample size accurately depicts the baseline amount of meseta people have lying around. I find it suspecious that you supposedly sold a few of the same item for over 100m but you're trying to claim most people don't have that money. Adding a cap just adds a time limit on an item. If something can't be sold for over say 10m then all the items will be bought up by people who were around then leaving the possibility of the item re-circulating after the ticket leaves gone. Why would I put up an item I bought for cheap if it's not going to net me a decent amount later on?

Where as if there isn't a cap we see prices move a lot. I've personally witnessed at least 3 different items go for 60-80mill, drop down to 20-30, jump back up to 40-50 and then settling between 15-20m before the ticket left. Because there isn't a cap and because people try to take advantage of other player behaviors items stay around longer and the price moves.

@Aquila-ibis 10mil is literally just doing your dailies and weeklies per character a week not including any playershop transaction. If you don't believe its my acct, i can post more shots after urgent


Poster is trying to insinuate that you have that kind of money laying around because apparently JP has bad inflation. So the amount you have on JP can't be used as a line for the amount of money people have in NA. Really they're just hand waving anything against their argument and calling people trolls because they can't actually hold a debate.

@Knight-Raime an your endless attempt at trying to start a dick measuring contest is a discussion. In every comment you made you've just disregarded what I said a insulted me. But guess your one of those scream insults at people with zero logic people.

@Knight-Raime honestly the inflation only got real bad on JP after the introduction of ARKS missions which global had all along.

EDIT: also made worse by content this year starting with divide quest, then the 8th anniversary and the newest Mourning of Demise urgent where you can get 50+ 13* to 14* weapons in a short time. Global is at about 500k per recycle badge now? It isn't that far off from JP's current 1.7m per badge